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Darren Drozdov (nascido a 7 de Abril de 1969) e um antigo jogador de futebol e Wrestler profissional retirado que competiu pela World Wrestling Federation no ano 1999 sob o nome Droz.
Com 1,91 metros e 120 quilos, jogou pelos Denver Broncos na NFL, ganhando notoriedade quando vomitou na TV, sendo destacado por artigo da Sports Illustrated. A sua carreira terminou de repente, durante combate frente a D’Lo Brown nas gravacoes de 5 de Outubro de 1999 da SD.
CommentsDrozdov's active wrestling career ended suddenly when he suffered a severe neck injury during a match with D'Lo Brown during a WWF SmackDown! October 5, 2008 was the 11th anniversary of the death of Brian Pillman and the 9th anniversary of the paralization of Darren Drozdov.

Algo correu mal quando Brown foi para a sua Running Powerbomb e Droz fracturou dois discos do pescoco, ficando paralisado. The Wrestling Revolution Gallery has over 1000 images of wrestlers, teams, stables, promotions, and more for you to browse and use. D'lo discusses his worst gimmick in wrestling and why he wishes he never did it in the first place. When Brown went for his signature running powerbomb, he wasn't able to gain a proper grip on Droz while Droz wasn't able to execute a proper jump to aid in the lifting of the powerbomb.
Additionally, a fan-thrown drink in the ring caused Brown to slip slightly, and as a result, the move was botched.

Drozdov landed on his head, and fractured two disks in his neck.[3] He was immediately rushed to Nassau County Medical Center where he underwent hours of surgery to reduce and stabilize the pressure on his injured neck. Because the match was pre-taped, it was not aired to fans during the October 10 broadcast and has never been shown to the public.

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