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Now with this data we will calculate the goal expectancy and team supremacy, it’s best to say at this point that you may come across methods using home and away goal expectancy instead. Firstly I start with having an average of goals each team has scored and conceded over the current season. This is maths that is far beyond the scope of this article, you can however find lots of articles online on it.
Then I plug this data into the excel spreadsheet that has the bivariate poisson distribution function set up for each of the possible score line (excel doesn’t have this as a standard function so you will need to code this yourself).
As you can see, the poisson function has returned the percentage chance for each of the possible score lines. With this information you don’t even have to calculate the odds to know that a system that doesn’t compensate for the quality of the opposition will lead to the team with the harder opponents being given slightly bigger odds than they should.
A sports betting lover with many years of industry experience, working in roles such as in-play trader, pre-event odds compiler, risk management and trading solutions (a team with the goal of automating all aspects of the trading room). I’d have dependency set to zero for your calculations to start with, but while running your simulations you might decide this needs changed (maybe in certain odds ranges).

The system I showed you above should only be seen as a guide, and will need several additions by yourself to get it to a model worth using for betting. For Champions League the excel file will still give you the correct results, but the method for calculating expected goals will have to differ.
Have to say this is a great article,did you record a macro for the supremacy and dependancy calculations and how long did this take. It is probably the most efficient league in terms of having the correct starting odds, the sheer weight of money will move opening odds to their correct prices, eliminating any errors that might crop up in a bookies algorithm. First I calculate the home and away team goal expectancies form the total goals and team supremacy. This can be done by even the most mathematically challenged of people, but if you are one of these people I’d suggest professional sport betting probably isn’t the game for you. Adding all the data we calculated to the formulas we get our three set of odds for match result.
I’ll change it in the article as soon as I get time (as some of the follow on calculations will also need edited).

Just type bivpois (the name I gave the function) and the variables in the formula bar and the calculations will be done in the same manner all others are done. My advice would be to learn excel and VBA if you plan to develop your own sports betting models. To convert expectancy and supremacy into odds you must first compile a chart of potential scores. Once this has been achieved the bivariate poisson distribution function works perfectly for delivering a correct score chart, so this will not need to be messed with. But for the same reason many of us didn’t make it as a professional footballer, many of us have no chance in making money from sports betting. Coding is the same no matter what the subject; I have just applied it to betting subjects throughout this site.

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