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If you keep an eye on the college football scoreboard every Saturday, then a couple of crazy numbers probably caught your attention this weekend.
Now, just so you know, this isn’t simply a list of the biggest point differentials in just any football game between two collegiate teams. In 1995, at the height of the Bobby Bowden dynasty, the ‘Noles completely obliterated the Wolfpack by the score of 77-17, tying Texas Tech with a 60-point victory. Speaking of crazy scores in the modern era, the Longhorns smashed the Buffalos 70-3 back in 2005.
Rutgers isn’t exactly a college football powerhouse, but an 80-7 loss to the Mountaineers is just ridiculous.

The BYU Cougars would capture a National Championship in 1984, but four years earlier in 1980 they absolutely hammered poor UTEP by a score of 83-7. By far one of the most embarrassing losses for a major college football program in the modern era belongs to the Aggies.
There are many, many examples of teams breaking the century mark in the history of college football.
These aren’t powerhouse football programs today, but they are both Division I, and the score was 136-0, which is insane. Cumberland is not a D-I football team today, but I couldn’t very well leave the biggest blowout in the history of college football off the list.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- As the final seconds ticked away in Texas A&M's 33-19 victory against No. One of the only times a D-I team score 100 points since WWII was 1968, when Houston trounced Tulsa 100-6. Gray spun all the way around to evade one tackler and did a second 360 degree spin to roll in for the score.

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