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North Carolina to start their season is ranked #1 overall after ending last season in the elite 8 of the NCAA basketball tournament, losing to Kentucky 76 to 69. College hoops fans will have some very interesting games to look forward to on Sunday, particularly in the Big Ten, the American Athletic Conference, and the Pac-12.
Doc's Sports is bringing back the Weekly Schedule Spot Fade Picks article for this season once again. Let's get things started with this season's first edition of this college basketball betting article.

On the other side, Valparaiso picked up a nice road win at Oregon State last week before getting stunned by Ball State on Saturday. Doc's Sports Advisory Board has set some lofty standards worldwide for college basketball handicapping. Don’t miss out on a winning season and let the college basketball handicappers at Maddux Sports line your pockets with cash.  Long term packages are available now! The Utes will show a form of desperation that should serve them well on the college basketball betting spread and give them enough of an edge to prevail over the Sun Devils, who might let up just a bit in this situation after doing some heavy lifting against Arizona.

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