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Obviously, having Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in Miami compared to Anderson Varejao and Mo Williams has a lot to do with that as well, but LeBron James ultimately changed the tide of the Cleveland Cavaliers with his departure.
In all seriousness, the Cavaliers signed the talented-but-nonchalant center to a two-year, potential $24.79 million deal. The best way to show everyone that you rep the Cleveland Cavaliers is with a team logo wallpaper on your computer and phone.
In the 2009-2010 season, LeBron James’ last year in Cleveland, the Cavs won 61 games.

While there’s still a bit of risk involved, the Cavaliers did a great job of minimizing the financial risk involved. Aside from signing Bynum, the Cavaliers also added veteran guard Jarrett Jack, and former Magic and Lakers forward Earl Clark. Because of that, and the fact that Irving was the only consistent scoring threat Cleveland had, Irving’s field goal, three-point, and free throw percentages took a hit because of teams keying in on him, and due to him taking a higher volume of shots. I believe that Irving has been working out to get stronger, and with the defensive-minded Mike Brown back as the head coach, Kyrie Irving should be a better defender this season and beyond.  Remember, LeBron James is the defender he is today largely due to the tutelage he received from Mike Brown in Cleveland.

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