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For breakfast, one of the cheapest and yet most filling and delicious meals is actually close to the main tourism strip of Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls. So now you’ve worked up an appetite after all those attractions, and with the money you saved you are ready for some more cheap s*#t to eat for lunch!
Rarely in economic history has money been so cheap and liquidity so plentiful across the global economy. These moves present both long-term macro-economic dangers and short-term investing opportunities – depending on which asset class you are talking about.
What Jeff and a bunch of other personal finance bloggers are doing is investing $1,000 various ways.

Check out this the chart illustrating the rebound in emerging market currencies and stocks since the BOJ announced its latest quantitative easing plans. I was going to say it’s kind of cheating in the frame of the comp really as you are leveraging your time into cash, which you have theoretically no limit of, unlike the $1000 starting limit. This doesn’t just have to be cheap places to eat, it can be anything cheap in Niagara Falls!
However those investing in the market will also be using their time to research the best stocks and again the more time they have to do this then the more likely they’ll get a better return.
Comment on my blog where or what you want talked about that’s cheap in Niagara Falls, and I’ll pick the most popular suggestions and find the businesses or locations that feature cheap s*#t, or even free s*#t if it pertains!

Lunch is cheap, the food is good and it’s a great place to take the family and for the child with a fascination of sci-fi.

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