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New New Jersey Nets owner Yakov Smirnov Mutant Russian Marked Cuban Mikhail Prokhorov says he is open to changing the name of the team when they move to Brooklyn in 2015 (which is what Google Translate says "2012" means when you go from developer-speak to English).It's a brilliant idea. And nothing sells merchandise like a completely new logo and color scheme, especially one associated with Brooklyn.In the new economics of American sports, Brooklyn could be a lucrative place to base a team, because it has cachet all around the world. But people in Indonesia will buy a jersey for the Knicks, as they will for the new Brooklyn team, even if they suck.When the Boston Red Sox paid $51 million just for the right to sign Daisuke Matzusaka, the move made little sense when considering how much more cheaply they could sign pitchers already proven in the major leagues.
I'm praying that the owners will see the folly of choosing a generic mascot like the pathetic Bobcats or (shudder) Raptors.

The "Blues" is a bit generic, and I don't think anyone would argue Brooklyn is especially connected to blues music or jazz, though it certainly is a capital for gospel in the North.
Say it to yourself a few times.The Brooklyn Breakers -- alliteration plus a reference to Brooklyn's Atlantic coastline, famous thanks to Coney Island. And they can always be called the "Brooks" as a nickname.The Brooklyn Hoops -- generic, but playful, evocative of street ball, and provide some continuity to the Nets name.
Good but not great, it would disappoint no one and look great on merchandise.The Brooklyn Basketballers -- parallels the old-timey feel of the New York Knickerbockers, and could be shortened to just "ballers".

It works because the formality of the name calls your attention Brooklyn's long history and deep roots, rather than to its more recent associations with crime and hipness. As American cities go, Brooklyn is ancient; but the fact that it is also known for being cool and culturally relevant means that highlighting its age works for Brooklyn in a way it doesn't quite for Boston and Washington.

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