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Let’s take an in-depth look at the Bovada payout and deposit options along with the current fees. Money transfer services are really easy and Bovada will reimburse your fees for transfers over $300. The whole deposit process took 30 seconds and then I had an extra $90 in my account and ready for some NFL betting this weekend!
Request payout and you will get a check delivered to your door within 7 days (usually takes 3-4 days). This is a partial adjustment to the previous downgrade given over payout issues as the result of slightly improved payout times and good forum communication from their staff.
Once all US players were moved from Bodog to the new Bovada brand (December 14, 2011), I updated this warning to include Bovada payouts as well.
However as the owner of an honest guide to sports betting sites, my conscious tells me the best advice is “Run Forrest, Run!” If I’m wrong, sure no problem, but so far SBS has been spot on and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. I still believe Bovada will likely be okay, but they’re no doubt vulnerable with a lot of people unpaid. A similar situation started where quoted withdrawal times increased several times over a short period, and reached all the way to a published 60-day estimate for their only payout method of the time which was paper check.

Note that often times back then payouts took well over the 60-day quoted time frame to arrive (sometimes 4-6 months).
Although this is most likely the case of a backlog and something Bovada will pull through fine, it is worth noting a former A+ sportsbook called WSEX had processing issues, which turned into a run on the bank, and is now left in dire financial shape. Many websites have made accusations that players are not well protected against collusion and bots, or even worse have accused Bovada of doing this so they could operate rigged poker games, or games with Super Users. Even if these are dismissed as crackpot theories it wouldn’t change the fact players are angry with Bovada and many are working in a wide spread effort to warn players not to patronize Bovada at all. So in addition to poker players cashing out their balance, other sirens and warnings are causing even sports bettors to pull out or avoid joining.Bovada Competence and Integrity Called into Question – There was a known hack of the Party Poker anonymous tables, that Bovada went on record explaining why it was not possible with their software. I’m not attempting to speculate here, I’m only pointing out Bovada is far more vulnerable now if something else were to come along and compound the problem.Bovada has a solid history and we suspect all players will be paid. The intent is to show two back to back changes in quoted payout time frames (7 days to 15 days averages and then to within 3 weeks) over a couple day period is an indication Bovada is likely dealing with a high volume of cashout requests. Given these factors we are unable to properly assess the risk level Bovada users face and have placed their rating on hold.
At this time we are still keep their rating on hold as the payout rush after the Super Bowl will be Bovada’s next major challenge.

He states partner brands had to prioritize payments and focus on player payouts first, which makes sense.
More importantly within the next month they hope player payouts will go back to 10-15 business days. However, they remain C- on our ratings guide and the Bovada Payout warning remains in effect.Also, a poster with handle creepingdeath19 reported getting his payout after a 53 day wait. A small number of Bovada payments reported, but a higher number of complaints – including those approaching 2 months unpaid. Bovada’s priority is getting caught up, meeting the 25 business days (35 calendar days) quoted for current requests and getting back to 15 business days (3 weeks) by the end of the summer.
There’s no shortage of outstanding slow pay complaints, but there is enough reports that indicate Bovada is paying out.

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