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Even if you don't like sports, there are many sports logos with which you may be familiar.
This is our ongoing series where we attempt to recreate these logos using only a drawing implement and our own all-too-fallible human memories. Our enemies suspicious felons probably neighbors to the north made a huge splash this offseason and the Toronto Blue Jays are poised to be an enormous disappointment fail in embarrassing fashion make a real run at the AL East.

After you're done drawing (NOT BEFORE), please check how well you did by looking at the logo here. But here's the thing: even if you DO like sports -- even if you instantly recognize a myriad of logos and create the semiotic link in your head to the team they represent on a daily basis -- they're insanely hard to recreate from memory alone.
In celebration of a team signing Melky Cabrera to a multi-year deal, let's try to draw one of the absolute best-looking logos in all of baseball from memory!

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