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I had to look up the term “What is a Trifecta” bet this morning, I don’t gamble but I was talking to someone about it earlier in the week in regards to the Melbourne Cup Trifecta and Box Trifecta and so I thought I’d write about it as I had no idea at all what it means or how it works even through I’ve been around many gamblers in my time.
Basically the Trifecta bet is a bet where you have to pick the first 3 finishes in a race in the order that they finish in, so horse number 1, 2 and 3 in the order they finish = winning top Trifecta payout. That’s how you win, by picking the three horses in the correct order you get a higher Trifecta payout with the betting agency you are with.

Also there is a Box Trifecta or Trifecta Box which is similar and produces smaller odds but the order of the horses doesn’t matter, you just have to pick the three in the top places regardless of finishing order. The funny thing also when betting on the horses and going for a Box Trifecta is when you bet $2 on the Trifecta there is 6 different ways of winning, so 6 x $2 costs you an $12 bet. Anyway, just a brief run down on this way of betting for the punters out there, seems pretty simple doesn’t it until you try to pick them.

Oh, by the way, I don’t condone betting and gambling here, just writing about something that came up during the week, gamble responsibly as I have seen first hand over the years with various people I know how even the simple pokie machines can affect a family and their friends.

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