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Sports fans can enjoy the feast of hockey this Friday, December 26 as Team Canada takes on HC Davos in the Spengler Cup, which can be seen on TSN at 2:15 pm EST.
Canada find themselves (+135) odds underdogs against the host team HC Davos with a total of 5.5 goals.
Part of the reason that Canada are underdogs here is the fact this squad was only assembled three days ago, and as a result they have only practiced as a team once.

The Spengler Cup is much bigger to the European team than it is for Canada, who consider the World Juniors to be a much bigger event.
Nobody understands this more than Team Canada coach Guy Boucher, who coaches full-time in nearby Bern, Switzerland.
Find out where you can bet the Spengler Cup online, along with the odds for Canada vs the host team HC Davos.

These odds and more can be found online at Bet365 along with live betting for this Spengler Cup game.

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