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It was only prudent for The Movie Mind to put together a ranking for the best of this class. Sometimes the influence of your partner in crime, or gambling, in this case, it what matters most. From Uncle Eddie enlightening Clark to the secrets of the off-the-strip Vegas buffet, to Nick Pappagiorgio; Wayne Newton to Wallace Shawn (the dealer who loves to mock Griswold; there is no end to the unforgettable scenes and journey through Vegas, Griswold style! This film would have been ranked higher, but it’s more about a grand con then it truly is about gambling. Another Scorsese classic with a stacked cast, we see the underbelly of the burgeoning Vegas-scene when it run entirely by the mafia and greased politicians. It’s rare for a gambling film to be shown from the perspective of the dealer, and not the player.

California Split has a mix of Tijuana, Reno, card games, races and casinos to land the ultimate round-tripper of the gambling world. Even though it’s not truly focused on gambling or the gambling mindset at its core, it still portrays it through the mindset of those in charge. The Cooler tends to be more about luck than gambling at times, but no other film does a better job of illustrating the full spectrum of being the ultimate loser, to having everything turn to gold. This is one of Caan’s best roles, and that’s saying a lot when you’re talking about the man who played Sonny Corleone. Check check check.” The Movie Mind may get flack for naming Rounders the best gambling movie of All-Time, but just like I believe Rocky IV ended the Cold War, Rounders spawned an entire poker-craze where squares everywhere aimed to be the next Mike McDermott. I feel like all of the phenomenal actors all put in one of their best performances in this movie, from Damon, to Norton, Malkovich, Turturro…hell, I even remember acting legend Martin Landau for his role as Abe Petrovsky, the wise sage trying to steer McDermott right.

Paul Newman, Robert Redford, and Robert Shaw make a stellar team and with 7 Oscars (including Best Picture) on its resume, it’s hard to disagree. I’m not a huge fan of the British film genre, but this one is done right and has all the elements you look for in a great gambling movie.
Mahaowny was asked what the most exciting part about gambling was, to which he responded, “Winning”. This is Cruise at his psycho Scientologist best, and along with some kickass cameos by a young Forest Whitaker and John Turtorro, it’s one of the best.

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