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As for trading at a football match I think there are a number of methods that could work, mobile signal allowing.
You have the 8 seconds delay from that you place the bet til it gets matched so it won’t work as you describe it.
The problem with trying this is that you may get away with it once in about 50 football matches.

About BBFTThis blog was initially setup to help me instill some discipline into my attempt to become a professional Betfair trader.
Worst case scenarios are that the bet doesn’t get matched, which is no big deal as you’ve not lost anything. My experience is with the android version so I don’t know how much better the Iphone app is.
The video signal delay to the Betfair Suspend Monkey is about 5 seconds and the only thing added to that is his reaction time.

As I have preciously said I have heard that apparently a great many bookies have runners on phones placed near horse racing finishing lines to lay off bets as the horses approach as they can quite often make an accurate judgement on which horse will win. Considering it takes 8 seconds to place in-play bets for football it is not possible to do without a mistake from the suspend monkey.

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