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I'll pay $200 for the best Kobe lot someone can provide (or less if the lot is attractive enough but I'm basically looking to buy a new beginners collection). Also have this MJ All-Access GU ($80 TV) that I will trade down for a couple of Kobe cards. Merchants recognized American Express as another payment option, but did not see the various advantages of accepting American Express over other credit cards.
Satisfaction among American Express merchants significantly and measurably improved within the launch year, leading to greater retention and acquisition of merchants as well as a stronger affinity for American Express card acceptance.

The best time to sell security services is when people are buying new homes and feel an increased need for security. Candid interviews with merchants revealed specific merchant concerns, likes and desires regarding American Express card acceptance.
Marketing Emails provided merchants with useful information about discounts, free services and other advantages of accepting American Express Cards. 6) 57 DISC WHICH INCLUDES MOSTLY DVD MOVIES OF VARIOUS GENERE+SOME KIDS CARTOONS, ANIMATIONS PC SOFTWARE GAMES ETC ETC.

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