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Hedge betting is often used interchangeably in a sentence with arbitrage betting and sure betting. It’s true that these three betting methods have always been synonymous with each other, but they all originally had slightly different twists. You might be thinking, “This is a sports’ betting site, I don’t care how financial people uses the term. Arbitrage betting – Two separate bets at different bookies, one a back bet and one a lay bet.
Sure betting – Placing two or more back bets across different bookmakers resulting in an equal profit regardless of the outcome.
I’m sure you are already bored of me saying hedge betting is deemed the same as arbitrage betting or sure betting.

So for a hedging calculator, you will need either our arbitrage calculator or our dutching calculator. In order not to repeat ourselves we will leave it up to you to check out the separate articles on these two calculators to learn the maths behind how they work.
A sports betting lover with many years of industry experience, working in roles such as in-play trader, pre-event odds compiler, risk management and trading solutions (a team with the goal of automating all aspects of the trading room). Now PLC’s do not announce their figures via Twitter strangely enough but sportsmen do have this great knack of divulging their news via the 140 character personal noticeboard.
Admittedly skiing may not be a mainstream sport or betting medium but it is these minority sports where mistakes are opportunities are commonly found. View Twitter as an information curve and open dedicated accounts, as many as a dozen if need be, although only trade in sports that you fully understand.

They ultimately were but not after a long window of opportunity between the moment the news broke and the time the likes of Sporting Index received it and fully digested its implications. And as this has been done so freely for several years now, it’s accepted that these betting terms have identical meanings. But for this calculator section of the article I also have another term you may be unfamiliar with; dutching.
These articles are far more in depth, and will teach you when to use hedging and what more you can do with this betting system to improve your chances.

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