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Wilmington Investor Network is an angel investment group established in Wilmington, North Carolina. The Wilmington Investor Network seeks companies that can provide a substantial return of investment. A company that is interested to apply for funding should submit a business plan to one of the current members of the group or via the Network's electronic mail. The members of the Wilmington Investor Network are experienced business executives and entrepreneurs of varied expertise and skills. For prospective members, the Wilmington Investor Network website has a page for the membership requirements. We look forward to introducing your company to the leading Venture and Angel Investors nationwide. For 14 Years FundingPost has worked to bring entrepreneurs together with leading investors worldwide. Through our national Venture Capital Events, Venture Guide Magazine, Books, Webinars and our online Venture Exchange, FundingPost has had the opportunity to work with thousands of Angel and Venture Capital, Corporate VCs and Family Office Investors representing over $108 Billion.
Angel Investor Network Indonesia (ANGIN) kembali membuka pendaftaran untuk para entrepreneur yang membutuhkan dana segar.
As the local community of entrepreneurs grows, a growing number of organizations and investors are looking to engage them.

To list your Company on our website and make your profile available to 7,500+ VCs and Angel Investors, Click Here. We believe that it is important to reach investors in every medium possible - both online and offline. The variety and quality of VC Firms, Angel Investors as well as Entrepreneurs and Products was fantastic. Ini kabar yang sulit dilewatkan bagi para pelaku startup yang memang sedang mencari investor untuk meng-upscale startup-nya. Based out of Burlington, Angel One is a member-based, not-for-profit organization of accredited investors who live, work, or have strong interests in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and other cities in Southern Ontario.
I joined Angel One in 2012 and would consider myself somewhere in the middle: more than a hobbyist but short of being a professional investor. A few of my investment opportunities came through Angel One and others I found through friends or colleagues.
From what I have seen, this is a trend across Southern Ontario Angel groups, as there is a fair bit of syndication happening in the area. We had 13 investors from three different groups: Angel One, Niagara Angel Network and Georgian Angel Network.
Selain dana segar, ANGIN juga akan memberikan dukungan dalam bentuk mentoring dan jaringan.

But my portfolio number will return to six shortly as I am about to invest in TitanFile, who I was also introduced to by Angel One.
It also gives me the flexibility to focus on investing and other activities, which is how I am able to stay in touch with my investments. My goal is to be able to influence the company for the better, if nothing else this makes me feel like I have a teeny measure of control over the outcome of my investment. Each Angel invested individually, but out of convenience for SurfEasy we set up a Voting Trust so that we could work as a bloc. The new fund aims to invest $30 Million into Sub-Saharan Africa Start-ups and the team is comprised of former Intel Capital director, Eghosa Omoigui, early-stage technology investor, Shadi Mehraein and former VC Finance at Founders Fund, Amber Fowler. The initiative is headed by VC4Africa member Tomi Davies and currently counts 15 Angel investors. Members of the network are expected to commit at least $6,000 a year to a common investment pool. Prospective funding applicants should have a great potential for high return of investment, a management team that is rigid and determined to achieve market leadership, a strategically formulated business plan, and a technologically innovative product or service that is unique and has a competitive market edge.

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