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There are currently 18 teams competing against each other for a top 8 finish on the ladder, giving them a chance to go through into the finals series and a chance to win the AFL premiership cup.
Aussies love to punt, and betting on AFL football can be an exciting and profitable hobby, it also makes watching the games much more exciting. 2015 AFL Grand Final Winner Betting Tips Tuesday, 29 September 2015The 2015 AFL Grand Final proves to be one of the most exciting in recent history.
2015 Coleman Medal Winner Betting Odds Sunday, 8 March 2015This year the Coleman Medal, awarded to the Australian Football League’s leading goalscorer at the end of the Premiership season, represents the most value for punters as there are quite a few genuine. 2015 AFL Brownlow Medal Betting Odds Wednesday, 25 February 2015The 2015 AFL Premership season is just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get a look at the players you’re considering having a punt on to win this years Brownlow Medal.
Best 2014 AFL Grand Final Betting Odds Friday, 26 September 2014It’s that time of the year, the last Saturday in September. 2014 Coleman Medal Winner Betting Odds Monday, 14 April 2014My analysis of the leading AFL goal scorers and tips for betting on the winner of the Coleman Medal including the best odds as of Round 4, 2014. 2013 AFL Grand Final Betting Odds Thursday, 26 September 2013Hawthorn take on Fremantle this weekend.
One of the great things about betting on who will kick the first goal is the odds are always tasty, even for key forwards you will often get odds of $10 or more. Betting on a match at quarter time, half time and three quarter time is now a popular option that many online bookmakers are now offering.
Steven Motlop pre-season image goes viral Thursday, 26 November 2015While many of the AFL clubs have officially returned to pre-season training, many players have been strictly adhering to specified running programs during their time off to stay in shape.

The following is a full result list from our previous website since August of 2012 to now for every single AFL bet our subscribers have ever received.
As well as free tips on how to pick the leading goalscorer for the Premiership season, I briefly talk about the top 3 favourites to win this years Coleman Medal and mention a smokey who represents great value and who has a genuine chance to kick the most goals this year.
The current favourite Fontiton who remains unbeaten has drawn barrier 1, making the filly shorten even further in the betting.
There are plenty of interesting storylines emerging heading into Round 3 of the AFL season and we are looking forward to a big weekend of footy.
Just two weeks remaining in the 2015 NFL season as we take a look at a couple of the key games and Australian televised games over the christmas weekend - so make sure to read on for our 2015 NFL Week 16 betting tips. Find the best Australian sports betting sites as an important first step in successful online punting. There are many different betting types for punters to take advantage of when wagering on MMA fights and specifically the UFC.
Horse racing betting strategies can mean the difference between a winning and a losing punters so find out more about things like the importance of staking. Before You Bet provide sports betting tips, articles, blogs and reviews of the best Australian sports betting websites in the country.
Some of the obvious tips for betting on the first goal scorer of any match would be picking the key forwards. In any case, the 2015 AFL Grand Final looks set to be one of the best in recent history and every fan of Australian Rules Football will be watching from all around the world to find out if Hawthorn can with their third straight Premiership Cup or if the Eagles can upset the reigning back-to-back premiers to claim the club’s 4th premiership cup.

We cover a wide variety of sports with a strong focus on AFL, NRL, Horse Racing, Cricket, Golf, NFL and UFC. But since the AFL is pulling the plug on the 2009 season, we would just have to settle for other stuff once the 2008-09 NFL football season is over. After rumors came out that the AFL would have to ultimately shut down, league officials held a conference call and announced that no consensus had been reached.
I guess having this partnership with ESPN wasn’t enough to fool football fans into thinking that what they are watching from the AFL is football. There are some great opportunities to hedge your bets with live betting if you think an upset may happen.
It has been reflected in the Official AFL Players Ratings, brought to you by Gatorade, where Carlisle is up to a career-high position of 136th on the table. Johnson might be getting old and injury might have robbed him of some of his skill, but he probably still has more talent in his little finger than many AFL players do in their whole body.

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