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Among asset classes, gold is considered the most robust as it counters the effects of inflation and exchange rate fluctuations. The newly formed InCNTRE SDN User Group (ISUG) will bring together business leaders from insurance, finance, travel and healthcare who are investigating SDN technologies and the impact they may have on their networks. If one considers gold's performance vis-a-vis equity in the past five years, the latter, as measured by the BSE Sensex, has delivered an annualised return of just 2.67%. Studies have proved that gold has a weak correlation with equity, which makes it an ideal asset for diversification.
Therefore, the presence of gold in a portfolio makes it more stable and resilient to volatility or market fluctuation. However, after the introduction of ETFs, the gold ETF has emerged as a better medium of investing.

It is an open-ended mutual fund whose units represent physical gold that is 99.5% pure, with each unit representing 1 gram of gold. Benefits: Gold ETFs provide an opportunity to investors to accumulate gold over a given period of time. Moreover, there is no risk of theft and one need not worry about the storage cost (as in case of physical gold) because such units are held in demat or paper form. In the case of physical gold, one ends up paying extra for making charges as well, but there is no extra charge applicable in gold ETFs. Besides, unlike gold coins and bars, for which most jewellers offer only an exchange and not a buyback, gold ETFs can be sold at transparent prices across India.
As units of such funds are traded like stocks on the exchange, it is eligible for the long-term capital gains after one year, unlike physical gold, which is eligible for long-term capital gains after three years.

A small asset management fee is charged by the fund house, so the return is slightly less than the actual increase in the gold price.
Another drawback with gold ETFs is liquidity; some ETFs are illiquid, which impacts their buying and selling flexibility.

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