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Mendel was born in Silisian, a village in Heinzendorf (Austria; now part of Czech Republic) on July 22, in 1822 to a farmer’s family. In 1856, Mendel observed the occurrence of two types of seeds in Pea plants growing in his mon­astery.Thereby he became interested in them.
Mendel performed various types of cross breeding and then allowed the offspring to self breed.His experiments had a large sampling size, some 10000 Pea plants. It was due to non-availability of pure lines,(iii) Lack of aggressiveness in his personality,(iv) The scientific world was being rocked at that time by Darwin’s theory of evolution (Origin of Species, 1859).(v) Mendel’s concept of stable, un-blending, discrete units or factors for various traits did not find acceptance from the contemporaries,(vi) Mendel’s conclusions about heredity were ahead of his time.
It was in 1900 that three workers independently rediscovered the principles of heredity already worked out by Mendel.
They were Hugo de Vries of Holland, Carl Correns of Germany and Erich von Tschermak-Seysenegg of Austria.Correns raised the status of two of Mendel’s generalisations to the level of laws of heredity— law of segregation and law of independent assortment.

Mendel took only those traits for his studies which did not show linkage, interaction or incomplete dominance.3. Characters chosen by Mendel had distinctive contrasting traits like tall and dwarf or green and yellow.4. Mendel took one or two characters at one time for his breeding experiments while his predecessors often studied all the traits simultaneously.5.
Mendel kept a complete record of every cross, subsequent self breeding and the number of seeds produced.10. Mendel experimented on a number of plants for the same trait and obtained hundreds of offspring.
Mendel satisfied himself as to true-breeding nature of the variety through self- pollination.

Seed (cotyledon) ColourYellow (Y)Green (y)(b) Hybridisation for F1 Generation: Mendel performed reciprocal crosses between plants having alternate forms of a character, tall and dwarf, red flowered and white flowered. This is possible only when the two factors of a character segregated during gamete formation (principle of segregation) and come together in the offspring at random according to the law or principle of probability.11.
Pooling and comparing of the results made him to arrive at certain conclusions called Mendel’s postulates.14. Formulation of postulates by Mendel involved the process of developing a working hypothesis and its testing through experimentation.15.

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