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The online game features music and some rather chunky attempts at ersatz full-motion-video of the set. I know some readers will think I’ve really violated my charter by delving into (A) a Millionaire game and (B) an online-only game.
IP DisclaimerAll game names, terminology, logos, screen shots, box art, and all related characters and placenames are the property of the games' respective intellectual property holders.
Bonus money cannot be withdrawn but can be used to enter cash entry games on the site (with the exception of Instant Win games e.g.
If you have deposited real money, this will be used first and if you run out of real money your bonus money will then be used. Inviting friends from the Community to play is easy and a great way to interact with other players on the site. ITV's website has become one of the most popular internet destinations in the UK, thanks to its online Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Almost half a million people visited the site during April - more than double the number that logged on in the previous month.

Much of the success is down to the internet version of the the hit TV game show, which had more than 300,000 registered users within three weeks of launching.
Microsoft's MSN remains the most-visited site in the UK, with other media destinations Carlton, Vivendi - Universal Studios' parent company - and MTV owner Viacom also doubling their visitor numbers.
ITV's site is now the 48th most popular site in the country, according to Nielsen Net Ratings, which compile the figures. The network says it is planning more internet tie-ins to boost the figures further - including improvements and prizes in the Millionaire game.
Nearly 50% of all internet users in the UK used the site at least once during April, Nielsen says.
It is one of the most comprehensive portals - or gateways to a range of information - on the net, and is the place many people go to log in to their Hotmail accounts. BBC Online came eighth in the list, with more than two million visitors a month, reaching one in five of the UK's surfing population. Even with other things such as my e-mail client running, the music was surprisingly free of glitching, even if my connection was a lowly 40Kbps (which seems to be about as fast as you can go here).

If I have a single big gripe with the online version, it is that the games are preset, offering you questions that have already been used on the show in nearly every episode between now and last fall. Plus if you have a Facebook account connected to your account you can invite your Facebook friends to play as well! The computer (sitting in for Regis Philbin) asks you a series of questions with four possible answers.
But I do occasionally like to watch the TV show if it happens to be on, so this is kinda fun. The author(s) make no attempt - in using the names described herein - to supercede the copyrights of the copyright holders, nor are these articles officially sanctioned, licensed, or endorsed by the games' creators or publishers. If you guess the wrong answer, you wind up going home a little less rich than you might be if you simply walk away.

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