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24.03.2014 admin
It's the Mother's Day card aisle at Target, and I'm not picking out a card; I'm watching people. Mothers so often measure themselves and their own mothers through the lens of idealism and performance.
A relationship with mom is the first one we know, and for most of us, it is the relationship that permeates so much of our ideas of acceptance, love, value, and purpose--for good or for bad.
My daughter inherited my hormones and my ability to squirt tears like the water hose the boys ran over with the lawn mower. I can still see the tiny bundles wrapped in blankets and tucked snuggly inside the Moses’ basket my mom gave me at my baby shower. This was written in response to a young mother’s complaint about the house being messy and the children being unruly.

Our feelings about mothering waver between pride and failure, feeling confident when we receive accolades, and disappointment when we are unrecognized. Perhaps it's time we stop beating ourselves up for not measuring up to the sentiments we wish we embodied.
Welcome to GraceLaced, where you will find my imperfect, but grace-filled musings on the Gospel, motherhood, crafting, art, domesticity, cooking, and the often-times overlooked joys of finding grace in the everyday of life. Next to the day I married the love of my life, nothing else compares to bringing home a new baby. Each one of my babies came home in that basket, including the twins who now are so big their feet wouldn’t even fit inside it! But I took it to heart and did my best to treasure every single moment of the motherhood journey.

And, for those of us who become mothers, we find ourselves excelling in some areas of motherhood and failing miserably in others, but nonetheless proving that we are nothing more than sinners under construction, ourselves. Perhaps it's time for us to stop putting our own mothers on trial when there isn't a card that is honest about the struggles and joys of a complicated relationship. And, somewhere in the midst of those feelings, Mother's Day plays a part in adding or detracting from that view of ourselves, as we seek to acquire balm for our inadequacies, or fuel to our good works. I'm guessing at the collective thoughts in the cluttered dialogue bubbles swarming over this aisle.

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