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The novelty is presented in a circular case with a diameter of 42 mm stainless steel with black PVD coating. The base of Mido Multifort Power Reserve watch is a Swiss automatic movement ETA 2897 with a 42-hour power reserve and a frequency balance of 28,800 vibrations per hour. Multifort Power Reserve watch is equipped with black alligator leather strap with red stitching or stainless steel bracelet with black PVD coating to match the case. Swiss watch company Mido has released a new watch with round polished stainless steel 316L in PVD rose gold plated. The new version of the model Commander Chronograph by the company Mido will officially unveil at the annual exhibition of watches and jewelery BaselWorld 2013. Swiss watchmaker Mido at the international watch exhibition BaselWorld 2013 will officially introduce a new diver’s model Multifort Two Crowns Diver. Founded in 1918, the watch company Mido has released a new version of the model Ocean Star Captain IV - Ocean Star Captain IV Titanium watch. The watch company Mido has announced a new diving watch Ocean Star Captain IV Chrono with water resistance to 200 meters. Continuing to develop a line of diving watches, the company Mido has released a new model for professional divers and snorkellers - Ocean Star Captain IV DIver.
The Swiss watch company Mido has announced the release of a new watch model All Dial 10th Anniversary. The famous watchmaker Mido at the world exhibition BaselWorld 2012 has unveiled its model Multifort Chronograph.

At the eve of the New Year the Swiss watch company Mido presents the model Multifort Chrono Special Edition II. In the 1902, the company produced art-deco styled models as well as watches in unique and innovative shapes, such as jewellery items or sports accessories. In the 1930, created watches styled after the car-coolers of Bugatti, Buick, Excelsior, Peugeot, and Chevrolet. Geel teaches him how to box with the motto “fight with your fists and lead with your heart”. Recently the company expanded the line with the new model - the Multifort Power Reserve watch.
The watch water-resistant is up to 100 meters, the screw-in crown is located at the 3 o’clock position. Models from the Ocean Star collection, released in 1959, are characterized by unique design of the cases, which are built from a single piece of metal. Although there is no a hint at the capital of modern Italy - Rome in the title of the novelty, the new watch is devoted to it - the Eternal City. The dial and the case are in trendy black, and hands, markings and watch strap – bright red in summer warming color. The sequel novel,Tandia, which picks up right where The Power of One left off is equally moving and compelling reading.I am promptly going to go out and read everything else he has written. My parents were not racist and in fact my father dedicated his life to working as a doctor in a very poor area but I still , unbelievably, never really had a very clear picture of the horror of apartheid until Mr Courtenay outlined it so vividly in these books.(as I said I was sheltered as a white child)I feel extraordinarily blessed and lucky to have directly avoided the violence and sickness that invaded my country for so long just because I was lucky enough to be born with white skin.

However, I certainly encountered people growing up with unbelievable racism, fear and hate who do match some of the characters in the book.So there is truth to his characters also.
As for the movie: I must admit it has been years since I happened upon it on television late at night. I do remember being quite swept up in the film but then being disappointed with the direction they chose to take it in. A Hollywood ending on what could have been a remarkable African movie.I do understand that film is a completely different medium and changes were necessary to adapt the book to film.
Still I cannot help being disappointed with some of the changes that I deemed uneccessary such as the changing of Peekay's name from the wonderful, mystical"The Tadpole Angel" or "onoshobishobi ingelosi" to "The rainmaker" Come on! I must say that I truly do hope that someone else re-makes this and does a better job.Tandia would make a fantastic film also.
I am going to buy a copy on DVD and re-watch it and the post my thoughts here after refreshing it in my mind. I highly recommend reading both The Power Of One and Tandia to all interested in the history of apartheid in South Africa or just those looking for a good drama and a fascinating stories with strong characters.Even if you hate to read and are intimidated by the thought of reading such large books- just start- I guarantee you, you won't be able to put both these books down!If you haven't seen the film or read the books, I guess you should watch the film first.

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