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Nervously I sat in the office, like everyone else unfortunate enough to sit there, looking at all the traffic of teachers and office staff. Finally, I want to Thank you for not being insulted, and being understanding during faculty meetings. A A A  Nervously I sat in the office, like everyone else unfortunate enough to sit there, looking at all the traffic of teachers and office staff. Reviewing my resume and the pat answers to stock educational questions, I looked around and tried to imagine that this might be the place I would get my first teaching job. After you observed my class where I had to send a student to time out for disrupting, you suggested I give him a book and paper so he could join in with the discussion. I know you must have been sensitive thinking you were some how putting your staff to sleep.
I met you 10 years ago at the beginning of my teaching career, and here you are at the end of yours.
Looking back, all I can remember is the guy sitting next to me and how pissed I would be if he got the job. It was only when I say, a€?no computer, no newspapera€? in a formal one-page letter, that you wrote back a simple, a€?Sure.

I wona€™t say anything corny like, a€?You have been like a father to me.a€? I think I have talked more with you than I ever have with my own dad.
Hounsel is right about a discussion she had with her kids today, you might be getting a phone call. I was subbing, taking any daily position, while at night, I tried to sell credit cards over the phone for MBNA. I felt comfortable around you and looked to you for guidance on how to become both a better teacher and a more mature person. A lot was shared, and learned by both, I think, but what I always took away from our discussions was a wisdom that came with experience.
Go get it.a€? Because it is a Pentium 166, and not a 133, I didna€™t have to label it for the district.
Later that year, the student went on to bark, fight, yell at me, and eventually commit a house bill by pushing me.
I enjoyed learning about your family and how you grew up in Kennet Square, and the values your father gave to you. It was then, when I was playing with the daily question of a€?why did I go to college?a€?, that I got a call for an interview for a sixth grade position at H.B.

Between spring 1992 and fall 1994, I got married, worked at a day camp, subbed and long termed at Glasgow High School where I had a dictionary thrown at my head, taught freshman English at Del Tech, and struggled through 5 different subjects a day at Wilmington High. I just want you to know, his wisdom was passed on to you, and from you, to many you will never know.
Students have problems, and most of their behaviors are the way that they express their frustrations. And yelling at a kid isna€™t going to make them better, but listening gets to the heart of the matter. I didna€™t even know if I liked middle school, but working at other schools showed me that who I worked with was more important than who I taught.

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