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Not sure if I should upvote this because OP doesn't seem to realize that Ronald is being sincere but im going to because Ronald is a class act and more people should think the way he does. A man graduated to ultimately end up having nice, hard-working job, started a family that he loved day in and day out, and collected friends and avoided creating any enemies.
In a recent episode of Chopped, it was S09E13, they had a lunch lady special that was really awesome; very touching.
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The Orlando attack very early in the morning on June 12 on Pulse, a gay nightclub, is one of those times. Hate—verbal expressions or physical attacks—against the LGBTQ community must be named each and every time it occurs.
Another important “naming” is the Black Lives Matter movement, born from the frustration of George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the 2013 shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. During my tenure on the City Council I’ve focused on early childhood education and services designed to give every child a strong and fair start. Here’s what journalist Alex Massie wrote after the assassination last week of Jo Cox, a member of the British parliament, gunned down and stabbed to death in her northern England district by a nationalist extremist. Massie was writing about the campaign leading up to Thursday’s vote on whether Britain should remain in or leave the European Union. Naming things for what they are is important because once it has a name we can begin the process of change. In response to severe threats posted online earlier in the week, Councilmember Debora Juarez met with Idris Mosque board member Hisham Farajallah Thursday and issued a message in support of Seattle’s Muslim community.
King County Councilmember Rod Dembowski joined Councilmember Juarez on a tour of the mosque led by Mr.
Seattle Police have increased their patrols of the area in response to the serious threats posted online. This day, June 20, 2016 we are recognizing  worldwide Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD) Awareness day. Muscular Dystrophy causes the progressive deterioration of the muscles in the arms, back, legs and face, often robbing its victims of their health and independence. Most people who are affected by FSHD are unable to lift their arms for more than a few seconds, many lose the ability to show any facial expressions, and some experience serious speech impediments.
There is no treatment or cure yet, but research pioneered in Seattle at the University of Washington, Seattle Children’s Medical Center and at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in the last decade is pointing the way.
What we know is the core problem stems from a genetic disturbance in Dux4.  Dux4 is a coding protein gene.
In addition to the researchers, I want to recognize Terry  and Rick Colella from Kirkland.  They created the Seattle-area not-for-profit Friends of FSH Research out of their home in 2005. They are devoted to this cause, and have raised over $3 million through friends and auctions to support this leading research locally and neurologists’ laboratories nationwide as well. Thanks to all who were in the audience and their many colleagues, the precise genetic causes of FSHD are now known, and the half-million people who are challenged with the disease, and their family members, now have realistic hope for a cure. Awareness of the devastating effects of this disease and of the promising research done in Seattle and elsewhere will spur efforts to pursue a treatment and cure.
The City of Seattle is proud to join the nation of Australia and other governments and  institutions worldwide in proclaiming June 20, 2016 FSHD Awareness Day. On June 20, 2016, the Seattle City Council unanimously passed a proclamation declaring June 24, 2016, Trans Pride Day. Trans Pride is a bold political act of defiance in a society that still largely refuses to allow people to define themselves as they are. For the fourth consecutive year, the Gender Justice League and other organizations and activists in the trans rights movement will be holding a Trans Pride March and rally this Friday in Seattle as part of the pride weekend celebrations.
I have marched with Trans Pride every year since its inception, first as a candidate in 2013, and then later as an elected representative of Seattle’s working people. The recent massacre at an LGBTQ night club in Orlando, Florida exemplifies that standing up for LGBTQ rights is still a matter of courage, and a recognition that we have a long way to go in our fight for a society free of bigotry. The struggle of our trans community members is the sharp edge of the fight for basic rights in workplaces and in society at large, and also the leading example of courage and determined political activism. Ninety percent of transgender people report experiencing harassment, mistreatment, or discrimination on the job.
Transgender people of color were 6 times more likely to experience physical violence from the police compared to white cisgender survivors and victims. And all around the country, the trans community has been continually scapegoated with discriminatory legislation. But in the face of these conditions, the discrimination and oppression, the reality is the movement for trans rights is making amazing strides forward.
After the Stonewall rebellion, radical organizations like the Gay Liberation Front organized pride marches to fight back against the stigmatization and marginalization of the LGBTQ community. Trans Pride is also a reminder that the fight against oppression is deeply interlinked with the larger fight for workplace rights. I would also add that the proclamation recognizes Marsha Botzer, with the Ingersoll Gender Center, and Danni Askini, with the Gender Justice League, and trans activists who led the Stonewall Rebellion. And, I would like to personally encourage my colleagues to join me at Trans Pride this year. The opioid addiction and overdose crisis is recognized as a major public health problem nation-wide. Available research materials explain that doctors and patients have relied upon Methadone for years to help relieve heroin withdrawal symptoms. An antagonist drug like Narcan blocks the brain’s neurotransmitters and can reverse an overdose. According to the National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment, “Buprenorphine  is a partial agonist meaning, it activates the opioid receptors in the brain, but to a much lesser degree than a full agonist. What we need to know is that both Methadone and Bupe are FDA-approved medications for detoxification or maintenance treatment for opioid dependence.
At the San Francisco IBIS Center, an intake professional assesses each prospective patient and refers the patient to the appropriate services in the building. In Seattle we have drug therapy clinics at Evergreen Treatment Center, Harborview Medical Center, and Therapeutic Health Services on Airport Way, Capitol Hill and First Hill that provide Methadone maintenance through daily observed-dosing and limited access to Bupe. Methadone helps hundreds of patients now -but we need more options to be readily available. When addicts are ready to seek treatment, they should not be put on a wait list—they need treatment right away.
With clinical help and a physician’s counseling, Bupe can be obtained through pharmacies or health clinics across the city and can dramatically reduce the number of people addicted to heroin and to people who suffer from opioid overdoses.
Finally, I want to acknowledge an alternate opinion about MATs from my friend Captain Tim Rockey head of the Adult Rehabilitation Program offered by the Salvation Army. Captain Rockey believes that drug rehabilitation therapies described above only serve to promote addiction.
Whether we look through the public health lens or the public safety lens, dealing with drug addictions in multiple ways must be part of what we do in our city. The resolution clarifying HUD’s guidance to property owners helps people seeking housing, but it also protects landlords from fair housing complaints and lawsuits.
Categorical bans on all people with criminal records actually increases recidivism rates and makes communities less safe.
Endorses the Recommended Best Practices to Do and Not Do in Drafting and Implementing a Criminal Conviction Screening Policy, adapted from the National Multifamily Housing Council. Discourages landlords from excluding a person from housing on the basis of arrests without conviction because an arrest alone does not provide proof of crime, nor can a landlord determine a potential risk to resident safety and protections of property. Endorses Seattle Office of Housing guidelinesthat landlords should consider when selecting tenant screening agencies.
Supports the Mayor’s Fair Chance Housing Taskforce efforts to propose an ordinance addressing these issues. This is an important first step in establishing clear screening rules for Seattle landlords.

This Monday and Tuesday evening the King County Boundary Review Board held public hearings regarding the annexation of North Highline and White Center. In 2009, Burien annexed a portion of North Highline, but in 2012 when Burien attempted to annex the rest of the area, voters overwhelmingly turned it down. Earlier this year the State Legislature passed, and the Governor signed, legislation that will direct $7.75 million in state sales tax revenue to Seattle each year for six years if the City annexes the area.
This is an issue that will ultimately be decided by the voters, and is a continuing process, please see the table linked here for a tentative timeline. At the end of the discussion on the second night the Boundary Review Board closed the hearing and begin their deliberations, which then lasted for another 20 minutes.
The investigation into the illegal cutting of trees on public property in the Duwamish Head Greenbelt in the East Admiral neighborhoods of West Seattle is continuing. The Seattle Police Department is continuing its investigation to determine if there is probable cause for criminal prosecution and will prepare a case to submit to the King County Prosecutor.
Separately from this effort to prepare a potential criminal violation, the City Attorney’s Office is also working to pursue potential civil action. The City Attorney’s Office and Seattle Police Department are reluctant to publicly disclose additional information or additional specifics on their timeline as they believe that doing so could limit the effectiveness of the investigation and any prosecution or civil actions.
Speaking fondly and respectfully of the people that he’d met in Greenbelt, UGM Team member Brian proudly showed off a necklace one of the residents made for him, strung with fish beads for his love of fishing. Moments like these show how the Team and the residents of the I-5 East Duwamish Greenbelt (Greenbelt) are building understanding and respect.
I joined the UGM team at their main office on Second Avenue last week to meet the outreach members; this week I spent two hours with them on one of their daily outreach efforts in the Greenbelt. Some of the Team are formerly homeless themselves, and have been providing basics to people in the Greenbelt for years. Cheryl, her husband and adult son have been residents of the Greenbelt for a year and a half. In the many times I’ve walked under I-  5 I have seen piles of needles discarded in the dirt and bottles of pee tossed aside. Once residents begin to believe that the outreach workers are there to help, they begin to take cautious steps. HUD determined that it could be a Fair Housing Act violation if landlords categorically exclude anyone with a criminal record because it could have a disparate impact against racial minorities. The resolution also discourages landlords from excluding a person from housing on the basis of arrests without conviction because an arrest alone does not provide proof of crime, nor can a landlord determine a potential risk to resident safety and protections of property. Nick Straley of Columbia Legal Services said, “This resolution demonstrates the Council’s recognition that promoting housing opportunities for people who have paid their debt to society protects public safety.
Council also endorsed Seattle Office of Housing guidelines that landlords should consider when selecting tenant screening agencies. Efrem McGaughey, a formerly incarcerated individual and member of the Tenants Union of Washington State, said, “By affording formerly incarcerated people who are working to change their lives a chance to find housing without facing prejudice, we are strengthening our community as a whole. The Commercial Affordability Taskforce is expected to present its findings by October 1, 2016. This was a hate crime and an act of domestic terrorism, just like the mass shooting perpetrated by a white supremacist at an African-American church in Charleston one year ago this month.
At last night’s memorial vigil at Cal Anderson Park I was moved by the diversity of the crowd, the heartfelt emotions, and the many discussions about pursuing actions that will make a difference.
In December 2012, following the horrific Sandy Hook killings, I proposed several steps we could pursue as a state to reduce gun violence. I have yet to hear a legitimate reason for any civilian to own an assault rifle — a weapon designed to kill at a mass scale. This morning, we were all devastated to learn of the horrific terrorist attack on the LGBTQ community at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. For months, Republicans and the right wing all over the country have engaged in the vilification of our trans community members.
Trans Pride is a celebration, but it is also a necessary and bold political act of defiance in a society that still largely refuses to allow people to define themselves as they are. We need to build the struggle for a world free from violence and bigotry, for which we need mass movements against this exploitative and divisive system. Last month King County Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles and I went to San Francisco with a number of local friends to learn more about how San Francisco is assisting people who are living on the streets and struggling with drug addiction.
National best practices can be emulated here in Seattle.  Combining a “housing first” approach with a public health response to addiction will provide us effective tools to address the needs of people living unsheltered.
I had three important takeaways from San Francisco.  I’ll write first about my experience at San Francisco’s Navigation Center, followed by installments about Public Health’s Integrated Buprenorphine Intervention Services (IBIS), and the Department of Public Works’ Pit Stops. The first step to end homelessness is to provide people with housing and appropriate supportive services.
New housing is welcome, but for people who are homeless, the wait is too long.  People who are unsheltered must be offered support soon.
The Navigation Center is made from school portables and offers 24 hour shelter and wrap around services to residents. While we work toward this goal of permanent housing, we also need to recognize that we must move faster to help people who are struggling to survive TODAY.
Low-Barrier to Entry: The Navigation Center offers “radical hospitality,” meaning those who are invited to stay may do so even if they have substance abuse issues or untreated mental illness.
Services Onsite: Individual needs are accommodated by staff and everyone is expected to be working toward a healthier life style.
Pets are welcomed because “pets bring more love than not.” Dog food is donated, and the near-by animal shelter offers shots, health care and licensing.
Please take this survey so we can learn from you what businesses in your neighborhood you’ve loved and lost or fear may be in peril.
You may have heard that, upon the City Council’s request in a 2015 Budget Statement of Legislative Intent, the Mayor convened the Commercial Affordability Taskforce.  The Task Force is formed to make recommendations on how to address the rising cost of commercial space for small businesses, develop opportunities to activate public spaces for entrepreneurs, and identify strategies to expand economic development throughout Seattle. Seattle is known for its unique neighborhoods, each home to a thriving landscape of locally-owned businesses that occupy an essential role in the stories and rituals that define the city.
The Commercial Affordability Taskforce will submit their recommendations by the end of September 2016 for consideration.  My hope is that with this effort we build the support and interest in considering a Legacy Business Program. I’ve been receiving increasing reports of loud noise from motorcycles, cars, music, as well as dangerous driving including speeding, and some drag racing along Harbor Avenue, Alki, and the part of Beach Drive just south of the lighthouse. I’ve been in touch with the Seattle Police Department about this, and the SW Crime Prevention Coordinator indicated SW Precinct Captain Davis is working to see what resources he can put toward this area. I’ve also sent a letter to SDOT asking that they consider traffic calming measures to address drag racing on Beach Drive during the warm weather months; the neighborhood has applied for a Neighborhood Parks and Street Fund grant, but awards aren’t granted until late 2016. On a related note, after a Seattle Times article about 911 response times came out earlier this year, I asked SPD for beat-level response times for District 1. It’s very concerning to me that the 911 response time to Alki is 12 and a half minutes, a clear outlier from our standards in other SPD beats.  Addressing 911 response times, patrol operations, and proactive policing are *all* important to a comprehensive public safety approach and to do all well, we’ll need more officers, which I support.
Last week I went on a tour with SDOT to see a number of projects in, and important to, District 1. In West Seattle, we went to 35th Avenue SW; the Delridge Greenway, a Safe Routes to School project by Sanislo Elementary, a potential crosswalk expansion by Westwood Village, the West Seattle Bridge corridor, and the 5-way intersection near the Chelan Cafe where Marginal Way, Spokane, Delridge, Chelan and the Terminal 5 access road come together. In South Park, we saw the 8th Ave South pedestrian safety project and street tree inventory, and South Monroe Street. In SODO, we saw where the Lander Street Overpass is planned for construction; the 100 daily train crossings result in five hours of closures daily, which can affect north-south traffic between West Seattle and Downtown.
Here are a few updates on a couple of these projects: SDOT is scheduling a community meeting for 35th, which could be in July. In South Park on 8th Avenue South, SDOT and their Urban Forestry Division are implementing a creative solution to the problem of roots impacting mature street trees, by creating a pedestrian corridor with a barrier adjacent to the curb.
She absolutely loves her job, and I wish other staff and students valued her as much as she does them (or I guess at least showed it). Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama.
Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret. It's based on a technique used by top athletes and other successful people to help them make a big stride forward. It was hate aimed at a specific population, our sisters and brothers in the LGBTQ and Latino communities. One may disagree with the movement’s tactics or some of their positions, but declaring Black Lives Matter is a necessary expression.
Tragically, too many of our children are being left behind, especially children living in poverty and children of color.
What he wrote applies here as well because no matter where you are hate speech is incredibly harmful. Threats and hate speech against upstanding members of our community must be met with stronger demonstrations of solidarity and compassion. Councilmember Juarez will also join the Idris Mosque congregation for iftar on Tuesday, June 28.
The fight for trans rights is critical to the broader struggles of the workers’ movement.
In the meantime, a rush draft of my speech can be found below, and you can read the full text of the proclamation here (PDF).
I have seen this event grow year after year from a couple hundred people to several thousand thanks to the courage of Seattle’s trans rights activists. Between 2008 and 2014, there were 1,612 murders, across 62 countries, of transgender persons — equivalent to a killing every two days.
The transgender murder rate hit a historic high in the US in 2015, with at least 21 transgender women being killed simply for expressing who they are. The successes in the fight for gender-neutral bathrooms in schools, workplaces, and public spaces is just one brilliant example.

The co-location of beds and services is key to the successful treatment of opioid dependence.
There is no single way to treat addiction; different people and different substance dependence respond to different treatments. This Resolution will inform landlords of their legal obligations under the Fair Housing Act to consider as tenants people with arrests or criminal records, who have been cleared of a crime or served their time.
In Washington State, African Americans are four percent of the population but account for 18 percent of the state’s prison and jail population. The suggested methods for selecting screening agencies if used by landlords would help prevent fair housing claims. It’s important that all housing providers understand HUD’s advice while the City looks to adopt legislation. Since then Burien has removed North Highline and White Center from its potential annexation area. I would also encourage you to check out the reporting of the public hearings from Monday and Tuesday linked here, and here. At this point the Board voted 8-1 to approve the annexation and direct staff to prepare the written findings and decision. It is likely that the office will issue one or more demand letters in the next few months, asking potentially responsible parties to pay the City damages and fines. The standard for prosecution is higher than for civil measures, requiring that a person “knowingly and maliciously” cause physical damage to property. Categorical bans on all people with criminal records is bad policy, increases recidivism rates and violates anti-discrimination laws. Unclear, uninformed, or inaccurate information could be used to decline tenants.  The suggested methods for selecting screening agencies would make it more likely that landlords would use consistent and accurate information to consider a tenant, preventing future fair housing claims. The people of Washington overwhelmingly passed universal background checks after the Legislature failed to act. I yearn for a cultural change in how our members of Congress and our representatives in Olympia view the role of guns in our society. Indeed, we did not even have time to come to terms with this loss before news broke of another would-be mass killer in Los Angeles. This vitriolic and unrelenting campaign has reinforced and strengthened the most bigoted groups and segments of society. In a Housing First model, endorsed by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH), people are able to stabilize and work on the other struggles they face such as unemployment, addiction, or behavioral health concerns. They need what many of us take for granted, a safe place to sleep and store their possessions, treatment for illnesses, and access to bathrooms, showers, and meals. Unfortunately, becoming housed can be very difficult and requires navigating through complex systems-housing services, treatment facilities, health benefits and employment searches, each of which can be filled with hurdles and barriers that can seem impossible while homeless.
The four rules keep the community safe, only 17 people had been asked to leave at the 6-month mark.
I am excited that the Mayor has taken steps to prioritize creating something similar to the Navigation Center. Finding ways to help Seattle’s small businesses survive this period of rapid economic growth is important to address the threats that can lead to the displacement of small businesses. These bars, restaurants, cafes, and shops have attracted locals and visitors alike for a taste of the city’s unique character and sense of community.  One way that the City works to help empower business owners is through the “Only in Seattle” program. I’ve asked SDOT to consider community suggestions for what to analyze in the 1-year review report. Hell, she had to be tough since her husband died when her three children - one being my mom of course - were still pretty young. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering. It’s important because police shootings and police misconduct disproportionately affects Black people.
But, if we insist that marginalized groups name their struggles—as happened with Black Lives Matter—we may more quickly get to the root of the problem.
There are many reasons, but the underpinnings are tied directly to racism and our inattention to the crisis of opportunity we have allowed to grow and grow over decades for our Black neighbors. He has based his campaign for president on hateful, racist, misogynistic and dangerously nationalistic language and actions. If you spend days, weeks, months, years telling people they are under threat, that their country has been stolen from them, that they have been betrayed and sold down the river, that their birthright has been pilfered . I hope to see everyone this Friday, June 24, 5 PM, at Cal Anderson Park to join the  Trans Pride Seattle 2016 rally and march. That’s why we need to know more and to treat the problem as a public health epidemic and be fully versed on the options for individuals. A person who is treated through medication-assisted treatments may feel better, and with support may recover physically and re-acquire important life skills. The Center’s patients are largely marginally-housed or homeless with few financial resources.
Services that are able to, “meet people where they are,” and adapt to individual needs are fundamental to creating healthy and safe outcomes for all of us in Seattle.
When landlords screen out tenants with previous involvement in the criminal justice system, without considering whether the individual might be a good tenant, it disproportionately impacts families of color and furthers the disenfranchisement of communities of color.
The Police Department has conducted interviews and distributed flyers in the adjacent neighborhood for any information or leads. If the King County Prosecutor declines to prosecute, the City Attorney’s Office may – at that time – decide to pursue a criminal action. I imagined hitting rock bottom and somehow choosing to dull the ache with alcohol or drugs. Landlords should only exclude people from housing based on criminal conviction history when the past criminal conduct indicates a demonstrable risk to resident safety or property. We created a special tax on firearms and ammunition to fund gun violence research and prevention efforts. And it’s not that gun safety measures are unpopular: poll results show how some of the simplest, most common sense gun safety measures have wide support among Americans (including gun owners), but still can’t muster support in Congress or the State Legislature.
We have to organize, mobilize, and stand up to violence, hate speech and the many forms of oppression forced down on LGBTQ people and minorities under capitalism. In Seattle, many will be gathering tonight at Cal Anderson Park, at 8 PM, to take comfort in community and talk. Many places around the United States have used this model with success, including Seattle in a pilot directed toward homeless families. Missy, a staff person at the Navigation Center, greeted our group in the Center’s small lobby, where each resident and visitor sign into the site. People are allowed to store their personal belongings and get eliminate items as they are ready. The Washington State legislature approved $600,000 for a Navigation Center this year, and the city is matching with a private donation of $600,000 earmarked for homelessness services, and will establish a designated fund to collect additional private donations to support the center.
For example, I’ve received reports from residents living on side streets near stoplights that they’ve had backups on side streets, and resulting significant delays simply getting on to 35th, or out of their driveway. It’s important because of the systemic marginalization and violent mistreatment of African Americans throughout United States history.
Farajallah spoke on the history of the mosque, the broad ethnic and cultural diversity of its membership, and the need to correct many broadly-held misconceptions regarding the Islamic faith.
As Efrem McGaughey, a formerly incarcerated individual and member of the Tenants Union of Washington State, said, “By affording formerly incarcerated people who are working to change their lives a chance to find housing without facing prejudice, we are strengthening our community as a whole.
Last month, the Parks Department removed blackberry bushes for evidence of any previous cutting beyond the recent example, but didn’t find any additional tree cutting. Responsible parties may (1) be required to pay the City damages, civil fines and penalties, including restoration work, and also (2) face criminal penalties.
We have funded a promising hospital-based intervention program for victims of gun violence at the Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center. Later this month, on Friday, June 24th, at 5 PM, Seattle’s annual Trans Pride march and rally will begin, also at Cal Anderson Park. The Council approved the Housing Levy for the August ballot which is designed to build over 2,000 affordable housing units and assist over 4,500 households with rental assistance. There are four rules posted on the wall: no drug or alcohol use onsite, no bigoted language, no violence, and no stealing.
I look forward to working with Mayor Murray and our community on moving forward to help those most in need navigate their way into housing.
Every day for four years I would come through her line and be really polite to her and say thank you, wish her happy holidays and stuff before breaks. Look back to slavery, Jim Crow laws, mass incarceration brought on by the “War on Drugs,” redlining, and public schools that have utterly failed Black children.
We can begin to untie the albatross of oppression so many of our people have carried around their necks for generations. It appears that the City has between 18 and 30 months during which to timely file a court case. But this kind of bigotry and violence will continue unless we fight it through unified mass movements. A small group with representatives from the King County Council, Columbia Legal Services, the Neighborhood Safety Alliance, Seattle’s Human Services Department, and Seattle Police Foundation’s the IF Project, took a tour with the staff and residents.

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