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If you are a small business owner or small business employee, inbound marketing can help you manage expenses, increase your marketing reach and make sure your customers can find your products and services. You are using an outdated browser, we recommend you upgrade your browser for a better experience.
New Orleans Integrated Technologies provides various solutions for small businesses in the New Orleans area. Whether you are just starting your business, or you have been around for years and need an upgrade, New Orleans Integrated Technologies is here to help.
Small business forms and plan templates can be downloaded from our template library for free. For prospective Texas entrepreneurs, starting a business (and getting your license to do business) is more than just the first step toward financial independence and a greater degree of control over their lives. The lack of a general Texas business license requirement is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of starting a business in Texas. Low Taxes: One of the most attractive aspects of living and doing business in Texas are the low tax rates. There is a sales and use tax levied by the state of 6.25 percent, which is applied to all retail transactions, rentals, and taxable services. Vast, Skilled Workforce: The Lone Star State boasts a constantly growing civilian workforce of over 12 million people, many of which are highly educated or skilled in a technical field. Having the benefit of a strong infrastructure extend beyond access to trade routes though, as the power grid in Texas is also a key factor in what makes its infrastructure so attractive. These advantages are just some of the aspects that have contributed to Texas’ all-star recovery in the wake of the recent economic recession.
Despite the lack of a general Texas business license requirement, the state of Texas does require other licenses and permits depending on the nature of a business.
Texas Food Handling License: Entrepreneurs looking to open a business that will require the handling of food, should be aware of that Texas requires all people employed in food handling to complete basic food safety and education training. Texas Liquor License: The license and permit environment surrounding beer and liquor is markedly more complex than that concerning food. Daily Temporary Mixed Beverages Permit: “Permit authorizes the sale of mixed beverages for consumption on the premises for which the permit is issued and may be issued to the holder of a Mixed Beverage Permit for a picnic, celebration or similar event. Temporary – Special Three-Day Wine and Beer Permit: “Authorizes the holder to sell to the ultimate consumer for the on-premise consumption of wine, beer and malt liquor containing alcohol in excess of one-half of one percent by volume but not more than 14 or 17 percent (depending on type of local option election) by volume. The above descriptions were taken directly from the website of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, and illustrate just how specific the permit and licensing of alcohol manufacturing and sales can be. It's nice to know what the big kids are doing, but small businesses have different challenges than large companies.
Whether your business is looking for server technology, Microsoft Office, VoIP phones, a website, or simply just an outside IT firm, New Orleans IT has you covered. Visit our contact page to inquire about information technology solutions for your small business.

The process is complex and often full of unexpected costs and complications, one of which is can be the acquisition of the proper permits and licenses to comply with the law. In the wake of the recent economic recession, Texas has adopted policies that have made it one of the most attractive locations for commerce in the United States. The state does not have corporate or individual income taxes, and the overall tax obligations are low enough for the state to rate as one of the Top 10 Best States on the Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Index released in 2013. Different regions in Texas specialize in certain industries, creating large pools of workers skilled in a specific discipline for businesses to recruit from. The backbone of the state-of-the-art system is the state’s central location in the Untied States, and access to major land, air, and sea trade routes. Texas uses a combination of natural gas, coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, and other renewables to provide any business with affordable access to an ample power supply.  In fact, they have recently made a substantial investment in renewable wind energy through the likes of T. While the nature of the license itself varies from state to state, mandatory licensing and training for alcohol sales and food handling is relatively ubiquitous throughout the U.S. The accreditation of training programs was regulated in 2007, and there are a variety of affordable options available to employers who wish to offer training to their employees. The Permit may also be issued to a political party or political association supporting a candidate for public office or a proposed amendment to the Texas Constitution or other ballot measure, to an organization formed for a specific charitable or civic purpose, to a fraternal organization in existence for over five years with a regular membership, or to a religious organization. Any business owner that has alcohol as a component of their business needs to take special care to ensure that they have the proper paperwork to keep them in compliance with the law. Since people turn to the Internet to find information about pretty much everything, marketers are trying their best to make a name for themselves online. Most have been hit hard by the recession, and those that have managed to succeed have done so through a combination of good business practices: supporting their customer base, effectively managing expenses, offering products and services that continue to have value.
Yet, you are still competing with companies that have larger budgets and greater resources than you.
We generally begin with a meeting that will allow us to understand your needs and we then provide you with the layout we suggest to meet your business needs and to help you become as highly efficient as possible.
The number and type of required licenses and permits varies greatly, and is dependent on the city, county, state, and nature of the business itself; many states require business owners to maintain a general license for conducting business. The franchise tax that the country used to levy on businesses was replaced in 2008 with a margins tax, which taxes at a rate of 1 percent on gross receipts for most entities. The maximum combined state and local sales tax rate is 8.25 percent, with sales and use tax exemptions available for manufacturing and some sectors of the energy industry. With a multiple top-notch academic institutions such as the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M, the state is constantly producing new young professionals looking to start their careers in a variety of fields. The combination of these three transportation networks gives businesses easy access to both domestic and global markets. In addition to the employee requirement, any business owner operating a retail food establishment must obtain an appropriate food service permit and employ a Certified Food Manager. The regulatory environment surrounding alcohol may seem overly complicated to someone looking to start a business in Texas, however given the lack of a general Texas business license, as well as the other incentives for business owners, the Lone Star State still has plenty to offer.

It isn’t easy, and while it’s hard enough to even establish an online presence in the first place, it’s even harder to maintain a positive brand image over time. The videos, case studies, ebooks, kits, how-to articles and webinars available here will demonstrate how inbound marketing can help you compete and succeed. You can also save them as PDFs for one step print.Well suited for small Business Plan of all categories and stages. For individuals living in Texas, or those comparing which state their business will have the best chance of succeeding in, the Lone Star State fosters an environment that has many advantages for entrepreneurs as an ongoing concern, including the absence of a general business license requirement, with a 100% requirement for a license to enable the collection of taxes. The margin tax also has a series of tax incentives in place for businesses that make “good” business choices, such as paying for employee health insurance, pension plans, etc.
In addition to the yearly crop of graduates, the Texas Workforce Commission is an organization that operates programs designed to help employees upgrade their skills through a wide-range of training programs. Large logistics hubs streamline the process, such as the Alliance Global Logistics Hub in Fort Worth, or Port San Antonio.
This impressive performance has been validated by the publication Chief Executive magazine, which has ranked the state at the top of its list of best states for business seven years running.
There are limited exemptions for the permit requirement, and a wider (although still limited) variety of exemptions to the Certified Food Manager requirement.
You can download these cool, timesaver templates for free. Simply use keywords, key phrases and smart graphics and you are ready-to-go. The content that you produce should provide some benefit to your target audience and establish yourself or the business that you represent as a trusted industry expert. By producing quality blog posts, videos, articles, whitepaper, E-books, and more you will gain a certain level of trust with target audience members and the search engines which will establish your brand identity.Form Relationships with Others in the IndustryAs they say, “location, location, location”. While the content marketing piece is extremely important to build brand visibility, where those articles, whitepapers, E-books, etc.
This is why it’s important to reach out to and cultivate relationships with influential people in the industry, bloggers in particular. By establishing a relationship and a level of trust with the owner of a popular industry blog that gets thousands of unique visitors a day, you may be asked to become a guest contributor which may even lead to becoming a regular writer.
Gaining support from a trusted industry expert passes authority on to you which builds brand equity and will also result in increased traffic to your site.Develop an Online CommunitySocial media is great for brand building online.
You need to be active and post content daily while taking the time to interact with followers.
As long as you post quality content, they will share it, Like it, and re-tweet it to their followers expanding your brand visibility. The key is to identify that precise one segment, that niche, and do everything to capture that niche via your brand or company name.

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