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Be Positive, think positive these are just words but play a vital role in our life, Sharing a best saying by Mahatma Gandhi to share with your friends and love ones on Facebook. Life is all about moving on keeping high spirits intact.If we keep on hitting the same rock over and over, what can possibly happen? Spread joys and laughter around you never know while doing this you would increase someone’s life span.

Kindness can become your strength, it may make you popular among people, it can make you a better person and it also can help you out with your problems.I have leant one thing in life is to forgive and forget, it makes life easier, why to put the immense burden of pains and worries on tender shoulders of ours? If you feel the agonies of others you are a real and pure hearted person who is malice free.
Always be positive in your life and live it as if there is no tomorrow.We all need some really enthusiastic and thought provoking punch lines to stir up the dead bones inside us.

We need to know how much years we have to put inside our life span, it is not about how long you live, it’s about how happy you are in your life.

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