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Our state of mind and outlook on life can make a big difference on the choices we make and ultimately the path we take. It is not just positive thinking that can change your life, attitude is equally as important.
We have carefully selected the best quotes about positive thinking and attitude from around the web to help you start to change your life in the right way.
If pampered, self pity and a low self esteem will undoubtedly lead men to a cheap meaningless existence.
Three years before, in 1999, I had written and passed my Ordinary level exams with flying colors. About the same time I took my devotional life seriously, reading the bible and setting aside time for prayer. Learning more about the creator and getting a glimpse of what He can do for me through faith, my love for living life bolted through the roof.

Towards the end of the year I enrolled at university and from the first day at college to the day I graduated I never allowed my exam results to define me.
My guess is my high school teachers would not have ever thought I would be studying for a PhD at this point in time.
The way you think about certain situations will help you deal with them better and your attitude when these situations do occur will help you leave a positive, happy life. These quotes will help to inspire you to change the way you look at certain situations and start living your life in a happier, positive way. I had just written my Advanced level exams the previous year and the results I got were not that impressive. What I realized was that whilst I had gushes of confidence and self belief from Dr Peale’s work, bible study and prayer taught me the essence of life and drew me closer to my Maker.
I told myself I was as good as the ‘high achievers’ whilst I maintained my devotionals, and it worked!!

I have never ditched the principles I got from the old copy my dad gave me and my devotional life. Negative thinking breeds negative energy, which in turn leads to poor life decisions and difficulty in living a happy life.
I hated myself for not having applied myself diligently this time around and my confidence levels tumbled.
The bible taught me to sieve through and separate core values to be cherished from petty stuff to be ignored.
Graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree and at the top of my class, I also received 3 academic awards and a job offer for my outstanding performance.

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