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Now I know that may seem to go somewhat against the grain, but have you ever seen someone who is ‘trying’ to think positively.
If you wish to acquire the real state you seek behind the state which you currently think is positive thinking, then it is simple. It really is this simple, however, sometimes the simple stuff gets messed up and we lose track of nature… we invented positive and negative thought… have you ever seen a Leopard trying to think positively?
I go through in much more depth this ridiculous destructive thought process in Creating A bug Free Mind.
They feel the downside, but of course they cannot accept it as it would not be to think positively, so the guys who actually manage this monumental task of keeping clear positive thought for a while end up imprisoning themselves in a state of mind which is entirely un-natural and very destructive. When people say to me, you’re so positive, I usually don’t bother explaining any of this to them as they probably wouldn’t shut up long enough to listen to the solution they seek. I am not a positive person, and I am not a negative person, I am a purpose driven person who looks to people caught in the trap like he is a positive thinker. Power is often defined only in negative terms, and as a form of domination, but it can also be a positive force for individual and collective capacity to act for change. See also Jo Rowlands’ book Questioning Empowerment: Working with Women in Honduras (1997, page 13) published by Oxfam which also covers these forms of power.
The Powercube website is brought to you by The Participation, Power and Social Change team at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex.
What you are actually struggling to get to when you try positive thinking, is actually the state of knowing that the best possible thing will happen.
Then let nature be your guide, watch how the leaves of a tree blows about in the wind, they go with the flow.
Please feel free to use this article and send it to who so ever you want to as long as it carries this copyright line and link on it. Based on mutual support, solidarity and collaboration, power with multiplies individual talents and knowledge. Having detailed the problems with positive thinking, I now want to turn to the power of positive thinking and how it can be a useful tool in your toolkit, provided you keep yourself grounded and recognize that positive thought does not automatically guarantee success.

The law of least effort is all about just accepting the way things are and allowing them to be. The problem is that the people out there who have taught the benefits of positive thinking, don’t actually know themselves the downside of it. Having power involves taking it from someone else, and then, using it to dominate and prevent others from gaining it. Citizen education and leadership development for advocacy are based on the belief that each individual has the power to make a difference. Be flexible, and just allow stuff to be as it is… this will help you if you allow it to and in fact you de facto sate will actually be one of natural positivity… just by allowing it to be so.
In politics, those who control resources and decision making have power over those without.
Both these forms of power are referred to as agency – the ability to act and change the world – by scholars writing about development and social change. What has made both of these books useful is their focus on practical implementation of positive thinking in conjunction with other skills that are necessary for any venture. An important caveat must be noted about both these books: they were written by white men in the early to mid twentieth century, with little, if any, awareness of critical race theory or class issues. I note this caveat because if you choose to read these books, you’ll find the language somewhat dated and may at times have reactions to the lack of awareness these authors demonstrate. With that said, if you read these books with an eye toward what you can take and apply to your own life, you may get some good ideas. New forms of leadership and decision-making must be explicitly defined, taught, and rewarded in order to promote more democratic forms of power. Practitioners and academics have searched for more collaborative ways of exercising and using power.
In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill introduces the concept of the Master Mind Group, where you meet with a group of people pursuing similar goals and share your challenges and on-going work as a way of getting advice and ideas. By affirming people’s capacity to act creatively, they provide some basic principles for constructing empowering strategies.

The emotional perspective you apply to a situation does have some effect on the outcome, at least in terms of what you’ll notice about the experience. If you are consistently negative in your outlook, that does cause you to experience a given situation through that particular emotional filter. In The Magic of Thinking Big, David Schwartz talks about how important it is to approach problems through creative thinking. Sometimes an obstacle can’t be overcome directly, so learning to think laterally is essential.
By cultivating your creative thinking, you can discover ways to solve problems that other people might write off as impossible. Thinking positive includes thinking creatively about problems, but also includes thinking creatively about life in general. Learning to examine a given situation creatively can help you discover solutions and opportunities, as well as appreciate the value of unorthodox ways of living your life.Positive thinking complements other tools. Positive thinking, when applied with other methods, can be effective in any number of situations. Don’t just think positive, but look at what you are actively doing to implement that positive thought into action. A thought without action has only a subjective reality, but a thought that is turned into action creates an opportunity to manifest an objective result. For example, if you own a business, positive thinking alone won’t help you run that business. Taylor has a background in both Eastern and Western Magical practices, as well as being an experimenter with magic. When Taylor isn't working on his latest magical project, he is a business coach, who helps businesses grow, as well as an avid gamer and exerciser.

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