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A strain of Flavobacterium lindanitolerans isolated from a sick child`s ascites was described. A 5-year-old child admitted to a hospital with serious symptoms of high fever and decompensation.
The biochemical reaction characteristics of the strains were tested for the glucose fermentation reaction, enzymatic activity and production of indole by using APINH, API 20E, API Coryne, and API ZYM (bioMerieux SA) systems. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first description of the F.lindanitolerans isolated from clinical specimens. We also described the biological characteristics of F.lindanitolerans CN-1 strain in detail. For Thanksgiving, some positive environmental news to share around the tableLet’s use this season of gratitude to celebrate a few success stories. If you’re republishing a complete or partial Ensia story online, you must use our page view counter (included in the HTML code when you click “Republish”) and link to us at the top of your repost.
November 25, 2015 — Thanksgiving is the one national holiday that has avoided being despoiled by excessive commercialization.
But on the environmental front, we are constantly bombarded with stories of impending crises, environmental disasters, ecosystem collapse and species loss. 1) Global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions held constant in 2014 — the first year since the advent of record-keeping that growth in CO2 emissions has stalled without there also being an economic downturn.
3) We have all heard about the ecological shame of our over-the-top American meat-eating ways. 4) We often think of the United States as having a car culture, and being an automobile-loving society is not good for the environment — not just because of the greenhouse gas emissions, but because of runoff from the impervious surfaces we drive on and how our highways sever migratory corridors. 5) Not only may we be turning the corner on greenhouse gas emissions, so too may we be turning the corner on ocean protection. CEO leadership plays a major role in these trends, because the short-termism of the investment world is a force against sustainability. 9) I think everyone realizes that developed nations have made huge strides in cleaning up their air and water, with the U.S. The bottom line: When we pay attention and implement laws or incentives, or make big investments in improving the environment, or just give nature a chance, we get results. I am thankful for my colleagues in conservation and in the environmental arena, the many successes they have achieved, and the many more to come. Why development should focus on climate adaptation Just as climate change disproportionately affects the poor, so must efforts to reduce its toll.
What the Green Climate Fund really means for international development In its seventh year, progress for the fund has been slow. How can we ensure the race for clean energy doesn’t leave the world’s poorest citizens behind?
To build a sustainable world, academics need to tear down the Ivory Tower Avoiding societal collapse means building bridges between science and the rest of the world.
State Key Laboratory for Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control, National Institute for Communicable Disease Control and Prevention, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Beijing 102206, China; 2. The 16S rRNA gene of the strain was 100% identical to that of Flavobacterium lindanitolerans which was first identified in India in 2008. Because the recovery of this organism from humans has not been described previously, its contribution to disease appears to be variable. An emerging recombinant Human Enterovirus 71 responsible for the 2008 outbreak of hand foot and mouth disease in Fuyang city of China. Rapid identification of Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, Haemophilus aphrophilus, and Haemophilus paraphrophilus by restriction enzyme analysis of PCR-amplified 16S rRNA genes. Please attribute the writer and Ensia as the original source and link to the Ensia article at the beginning of your piece. Not only does this relentless doom-and-gloom depress everyone, such negativity presents a distorted view of the big picture and has been proven counterproductive in motivating environmental action.
As recently as 2000, the United States got 52 percent of its electricity from coal — now that figure isThe environmental and public health benefits of coal’s demise cannot be overstated. The entire food industry is being driven to change its products in response to changing public preferences. Endangered Species Act has to rank as one of the world’s great environmental success stories. I even sense that we are turning the corner on climate change — not yet in terms of innovation, but at least in terms of public awareness.

To generalise might be brutal, because there are communities and tribes that are inherently resource conscious. Barack Obama says he will show leadership on the issue of climate change when he takes office, reports the Guardian.
It was first described that the isolate required X factor (Hemin) for growth in the optimal conditions of 37 A°C with 5% CO2. Here, we describe a second strain of this species, which was isolated from a human ascites sample.
You are also welcome to post just the beginning of an article with a link to Ensia to continue reading. In the United States, beef consumption peaked in 1977 at 59 kilograms (130 pounds) per year per person. While most of those preferences are driven by health concerns, many of our dietary trends also bode well for the environment. This trend is due primarily to the next generation — 16- to 34-year-olds who are postponing acquiring driver’s licenses and buying cars, and are instead turning to public transit. But nature is inventive, and time and again evolution responds to environmental challenges so long as sufficient genetic variety is at hand to experiment with.
The percentage of companies that include sustainability as a top management agenda item jumped from 46 percent in 2010 to 65 percent in 2014.
Wolves are back (even in California!), the American eagle is back, alligators are abundant, the peregrine falcon is thriving, and even small wildflowers such as the purple coneflower in Tennessee have been spared from extinction by a mix of science and action.
But sometimes we forget how bad it really was before we took action, and how much better it has gotten. Elk, deer, wild boar and wolves occur in record abundances within the evacuated zone of Chernobyl, the world’s worst nuclear accident. They have lived in harmony with the environment around them for ages because of the inclusive nature of their value systems. On the other hand in Poznan the European Union managed to avoid concrete actions to reduce emissions, and and I’m sorry to say Finnish Government was one of the worst players there lobbying for shortsighted benefits of Finnish industry. The patient was diagnosed with EV71 virus infection on 24 April 2008 by reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and sequence determination assays[2]. And It did not ferment D-glucose, D-mannitol, inositol, D-sorbitol, L-rhamnose, D-saccharose, D-melibiose, Amygdaline, L-arabinose, D-fructose, D-maltose, D-xylose, D-galactose, D-lactose, D-ribose, and Glycogen. From 2001 to 2009 the use of public transit by 16- to 34-year-olds increased by 40 percent. Just last month, scientists discovered that certain combinations of coral and algae were unusually tolerant to extreme temperatures and thus more likely to survive a severely warmed ocean. Between 2009 and 2014, the percentage of companies that had not created a sustainability business case dropped from 42 percent to 23 percent. A recent book, London Fog: The Biography, makes vivid just how much we have improved our urban air in the last half-century. In fact, compared with nearby nature reserves, wolf abundance is seven times higher in Chernobyl. In some cases, this way of living evolves from limited resources like in the case of human settlements around deserts or other resource constrained places that are out of reach of modern amenities. The ascites specimen was inoculated onto Columbia blood agar and Chocolate agar respectively. Enzyme activity was detected for Alkaline phosphatase, Esterase C4, Esterase lipase C8, Leucine arylamidase, Valine arylamidase, Cystine arylamidase, a-chymotrypsin, Acid phosphatase, and Aphthol-AS-biphosphohydrolase.
This generation also favors smart growth and is demanding bike paths and other alternatives. And that 3.5 percent figure does not include the more than 193,000 square miles (500,000 square kilometers) of ocean protected by the tiny Pacific Island nation Palau in 2015 (an area slightly larger than the state of California), or the additional 400,000 square miles (1 million square kilometers) that President Obama added to the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument in September 2014. Of course, this is no guarantee corals will survive anything we throw at them — but it does point out that the end of coral is not a forgone conclusion.
The gray whale was delisted in 1994, and now humpback and California blue whales are recovering to numbers last seen in the 19th century.
The famous London fogs were actually filled with particulates from domestic and industrial coal fires. He said also that USA is not going to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, at the same time the European Union called for more efficient actions to tackle climate change.
No enzyme activity was detected for Penicillinase, Lipase C14, L-arginine dihydrolase, L-lysine decarboxylase, L-arginine dihygrolase L-ornithine decarboxylase, Urease, Alkaline phosphatase, Proline phosphatase, I?-glutamyl transferase, Pyrolidonyl arylamidase, I±-glucosidase, and Gelatinase.

This report also highlights that identification of this bacterium by 16S rRNA sequencing, is ambiguous.
Scaled up to the 311.6 million people who live in the United States, this shift represents a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 317 million metric tons (349 million tons) of CO2, the equivalent of removing some 67 million cars from the road. These trends are potentially fantastic news for the environment, especially as we move to an even more urbanized society. Scientific discovery combined with proactive interventions and policy could make a difference. But a more positive spin is that if humans give wildlife the needed space, mammal populations can rebound and flourish. However, modern systems that give little consideration to the environment are doing their bit in degrading the health of the planet and its influence is showing signs of disturbing the delicate balance that the tribes managed to maintain for ages.On one hand the situation seems completely out of our hands and one could feel somewhat helpless. On the other hand, there are individuals who are taking things in their own hands making it a personal responsibility to lead lives harmoniously with the environment. Our evolving knowledge about global warming, extinction of flora and fauna, water crisis etc. The colony morphology initially had a translucent or transparent appearance and after 48 h, they became creama€“yellow in color and had a diameter of 1.5 mm (Figure 1). While most big projects like LEED, Carbon Points, Save the Tiger, Power Shift get much media coverage, there are plenty of smaller, lesser known projects that are changing lives at grassroots level. This work is as significant as the rest because it brings about a change in individuals which means that the shift happens in minds and not necessarily as a result of laws and policies.It is inspiring to see individuals rising above mere awareness and putting forth solutions. Such people have broken the boundaries of professions and are keeping the environment at the centre of their day-to-day lives.
Like any successful model, this addresses more than just one problem on hand by providing livelihood, education and offering fashion products to an international market. The research for this project led to a new material called Handmade Recycled Plastic (HRP) which uses washed, dried and pressed sheets of plastic made from recycled plastic shopping bags.
The primers were F-lin-F (5i? -AGGGCTTGAATTGCCG-3i? ) and F-lin-R (5i? - TCCATCAGCGTCAATACG-3i? ). The business innovatively encourages the practice of segregation of waste and composting of biodegradable trash. The phenotypic, chemotaxonomic, and genetic data were unambiguously consistent with those described previously for F.lindanitolerans. It is also an open source model which shares information for it to be cloned in other places. Rising from rural India and reaching the world, it promotes and revitalises menstrual practices that are healthy, dignified, affordable and positive. They produce and promote cloth washable sanitary pads as an environment friendly alternative product to disposable sanitary napkins. The for-profit business model helps the initiative to reinvest by donating napkins to rural women. The bottle of water simply refracts the sun light into an otherwise dark space through the day. The paper is used for simple stationery ideas like notebooks, tags, bags and some more knick-knacks.
Unlike conventional stoves that run on wood and pose a health hazard, the Biolite stove helps in significant smoke reduction and uses almost half the amount of fuel. An added feature is the battery pack that is charged from the stove and can be used as a charging point for mobile phones, LED lights or other devices.
Chintan is an environmental research and action group in India working with the urban poor who work as waste recyclers.
Their initiatives include research, campaigns, policy interventions, material awareness etc. Such work can go a long way because a lot of it happens at policy level and therefore curbs many ill-effects at the production stage before it reaches the consumer and downstream to the waste-picker.It could be concluded that the facts and figures around global warming and other environmental indicators point to an impending crisis. You might be doing your bit, but you cannot ensure whether your neigbour or the rest of the world is doing theirs leading to fragmented initiatives or even apathy. Many game changing projects have their humble beginnings in the minds of a few social innovators propelling awareness, action and promoting a collective consciousness.

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