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After two weeks of intensive research, one week of even more intensive filming and endless amount of watermelon fresh juice consumed we have made it! The first challenge that we faced was very limited time for filming, we only had one week at our disposal. Jenny from Tanzania, our next protagonist, spoke openly about advantages and disadvantages of the higher education in Malaysia and future prospect of African students in the country. Youssouf, whom we met at campus of International Islamic University Malaysia, told us that Malaysia became well known in Chad in the early 2000s, when Petronas joined the oil drilling project.
During one of Alan Mulally’s first outings with the press in early December 2006, Ford showed a slew of future vehicles including their idea of what a B-Car for America would look like. FRANKFURT, 23 August 2007 – Ford Verve Concept – a bold and colourful concept car to be revealed at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show – gives the first hints of Ford’s future small-car design vision.
Finished in rich colours and distinctive materials inspired by the world of fashion and cosmetics, the Ford Verve Concept was created by a team of designers from Ford’s studios in Dunton, England, and Cologne, Germany. Building on the kinetic design momentum of Ford’s recent iosis and iosis X concept cars, and the more premium feel of production models like the new Ford Mondeo, the Ford Verve Concept is a bold expression of a small-car vision.
Its colour – a deep magenta red encapsulated in a tinted clearcoat for an even deeper glow – is a daring declaration of individualism and exclusivity.
Given a wide degree of freedom to create the concept, the design team, including lead exterior designer Chris Hamilton, grounded their efforts in reality. The lower grille features strong horizontal blades punctuated by a regular array of ‘bullet’ shapes that combine to create the visual effect of corresponding vertical bars. A bodyside belt line adds to the dramatic array of shapes that lend a feeling of controlled tension. At the rear, the lower diffuser with integrated centre exhaust outlet are central elements of a cohesive design that incorporates the encapsulated rear bumper and design accessories, like brushed aluminium accents on the lower edges of the fog lamps. Other accents on the vehicle – evoking the way in which carefully selected accessories can complement fashions – include a subtle chrome bar in the door handles and similar use of brushed aluminium on the lower grille surround, the rear number plate surround and on the lower edge of the front fog lamps. These combine subtly to signal a higher level of premium quality than that typically found in small cars.
As Ford designers explored the possibilities for a future Ford small car, the wide latitude they were given helped them focus on applying the tenets of kinetic design to the interior of the new concept.
Pronounced sculpting characterises the upper instrument panel, created by the hands of Ford interior designer Tiago Diaz and supervisor Ernst Reim. Functionally, a key element of the centre stack design is the decoupling of the traditional elements of the entertainment system – the screen, control elements and the electronics. This new approach means that the Ford Verve Concept introduces a completely new aesthetic – a new approach to the form and function of interacting with underlying technologies.

Every button and switch was crafted with the kind of minute attention to detail that characterises good mobile phone designs.
The centre stack structure flows into a centre console, which provides stowage areas, including a tray for a mobile phone or MP3 player as well as a large bin for a purse or shoulder bag near the handbrake.
The primary gauges – speedometer and rev counter – are uniquely framed by binocular-shaped, short tunnels of brightwork which complement the centre stack and contrast the rich interior colours like a fashion accessory. From the instrument panel to the seats, the Ford Verve Concept is trimmed elegantly in a harmonious blend of magentas. Small elements of the interior – even control stalks on the steering column – reflect an attention to detail from the team inspired by the packaging of luxury cosmetics, which often incorporate sophisticated, expensive-looking details to convey brand appeal. As product development of a new generation of Ford small cars continues behind the scenes, Ford of Europe is hoping to gauge public reaction to the Ford Verve Concept during the Frankfurt Motor Show. European design chief Martin Smith said this and other opportunities in the near future for public feedback will be important drivers of the ultimate Ford small-car design direction. With an unfortunate history of watering down design concepts often to the point becoming unrecognizable, we can only hope that when Ford brings its next generation B-Cars to market (the Fiesta, Ka, Ikon and whatever the North American market versions ends up being called) the company is able to keep the all the styling verve of the Verve’s progeny. Together with Melanie Gartner, the filmmaker from Frankfurt am Main, who has been successfully cooperating with AFRASO, we worked on the documentary production in Kuala Lumpur in January 2016 and now present our results online. We followed Kaiho to the laundry, witnessed his chess tournament with a friend and talked about Malaysia.
She mentioned that though Malaysia offers good quality education for reasonable prices, numbers of Africans coming to Malaysia might reduce if the negative sentiment towards them among local population does not fade away. However, nowadays Malaysia has earned its name in Chad as an excellent quality higher education provider. We reached our objective and developed the theme of African students migration to Malaysia, showing different perspectives of protagonists and touching upon both advantages and challenges of studying there.
The Ford Verve Concept is the first of three concept vehicles which will debut in key regions – Europe, Asia and North America. The front of the vehicle is dominated by a large, inverted trapezoidal lower grille and a large Ford oval badge centred in the compact upper grille opening. The profile is emphasised by the pillarless side window shape, the upper contour of which mirrors the body’s curving upper contour line. Aesthetically, it follows the curves and contours of the instrument panel shape, soaring up with an eye-pleasing winged effect to frame a large-screen, colour Ford Convers+ system incorporated in the upper dash. The unique architecture also embraces other key systems, including navigation and in-car phone controls. Its crash pad, sculpted of soft-feel material and framed in brightwork, provides a rich tactile and visual centrepiece for the Ford oval badge.

Materials were inspired by the exclusive fabrics and leathers of haute couture, according to Ruth Pauli, Chief Designer, Colours and Trims, Ford of Europe.
She explained that an online documentary, the format we were aiming at, should normally be not more than 20 minutes long. We dedicated one full day to each protagonist and followed him or her around, trying to get a glimpse into their everyday life. Car stopped and waited (trying not to block the view), people turned back or tried to bend down not to appear in front of the camera exactly when we were hunting for city shots (with cars and people!).
The left and right spokes of the three-spoke design incorporate the toggle controls for the HMI system.
Even for me, an experienced Malaysia visitor, it was almost unbearable to stay outside and carry our filming equipment around, let along Moustafa doing his exercises (again and again!) and Melanie following his every step with a camera.
Thus one of the aims of our documentary is to show that not all Africans in Malaysia are criminals, like stereotypes claim, many come to study. From time to time, I had to wave at car drivers and pedestrians to continue moving and not pay attention to us. As a result, my ambitious plan was turned down and a new plan was born immediately: to find African students, whose backgrounds and opinions are diverse and multifaceted. He showed us around the campus and left for his afternoon prayers at a big mosque next to the library. Four protagonists, coming from four different countries in Africa (Namibia, Tanzania, Guinea and Chad), agreed to appear in the film and talk about their experiences of studying and living in multi-ethnic and multi-cultural Malaysia. Later in the evening, we filmed there Moustafa and his friend Alif in one of the most traditional Malay surroundings, a mamak stall (street restaurant), laughing and eating with their hands.
Later that day, he talked a lot about how Islam in Malaysia not only made him feel like home, but allowed him to learn more about his own religion. He spoke highly of the status of women and respect towards various religions and ethnic groups in the country. You can grab a free copy of his short ebook- Simple Steps to Positive Thinking to discover simple ways to Experience Positivity, even in negative situations.

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