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The history of the art reveals that the ancient tribe of Ainu, the people who first settled in the land used to make facial tattoos.
In today’s times the concept of tattooing has become a trend amongst the younger generation especially in the west. One of the most popular styles of making tattoo symbols is kanji which is actually a calligraphy style of writing letters. The Wa’ tribe is also one of the early groups of settlers that made use of full body tattoos.
There are possibilities that indicate that the designs could have existed even before this age.
Dragons and snakes also held an important mythological position in local folklore and Japanese tiger & dragon symbols and are commonly used in tattoos.
The cherry blossom and the lotus flower are other symbols that are used to create the designs for tattoos.

Read on to find out about the most popular Japanese tattoo symbols of all time.The Japanese people are known to possess extraordinary skills in various fields. In China on the other hand which was far more advanced than Japan the art of tattooing was considered to be a barbaric practice. Strange as it may sound what was first used to mark the criminals is now considered to be a fashion statement worth showing off.
Words like happiness, love, peace, wealth, beautiful etc are amongst the most popular Japanese kanji symbols that you will find today.
An ancient Japanese tradition is that of full body tattooing which is one of the most unique things in the world. One of the fields where their craftsmanship and creativity comes into play is the art of tattooing. This is also one of the reasons why tattooing always carried a negative connotation with it.

It was in fact considered to be a means of punishment for the criminals who were to be identified by their tattoos. Although this practice has declined in today’s times it is still considered to be one of the freakiest things that one can do to their body. The Japanese tradition of tattooing dates back to ancient times and there is no nation on earth with the kind of tattooing heritage that Japan has.

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