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In this fascinating account, Haag (Marriage Confidential) traces the history of America’s gun-making business, arguing that “the tragedy of American gun violence emerged from the banality of the American gun business.” Oliver Winchester, known as “the rifle king,” who founded one of the first private armories in America in early 19th century, is the focal point of the narrative.
The plain old basic black on white is obviously much easier to read than black or red on royal blue. I'll never understand why people who put great effort into their words make it so hard for people to read them. People shouldn't have to squint, magnify, adjust, or solve a puzzle to read what you wrote. If you have an unstoppable urge to use reverse type (light text on a dark background) limit it to a small block of type, such as a headline, but NEVER put an entire page in reverse. And don't use a decorative typeface that looks like it was attacked by bacteria, or those annoying distorted letter sequences you have to retype to prove that you're a human being and not a robot in order to subscribe to a blog. The frequently inept and dishonest Outskirts says: "Postcards are the most effective direct mail piece" and sells them for the equivalent of 50 cents each. Sending postcards to bookstores is probably a waste of money, as is sending them to your friends, former landladies and distant cousins, or ordering postcards to push a novel or poetry book. However, if you publish a useful and interesting nonfiction book, and can get a good mailing list, then the campaign might work. Keep in mind that the response rate to direct mail pieces is usually less than 5%, often much less. If you do the math, there's a good chance that you'll find that it makes little or no sense to spend money on a postcard campaign. The selling of "naming rights" like "Citi (Bank) Field" and "Staples Center" is common for buildings -- but are holidays next? JERUSALEM (AP) - Archaeologists say a newly discovered clay fragment from the 14th century B.C. Dig director Eilat Mazar of Hebrew University says the 2-centimeter (0.8-inch) long fragment bears an ancient form of writing known as Akkadian wedge script. It predates the next-oldest example of writing found in Jerusalem by 600 years, and dates roughly four centuries before the Bible says King David ruled a Jewish kingdom from the city. Mazar said Monday that the fragment likely came from a royal court and suggested more could be found in the most ancient part of Jerusalem, located in the city's predominantly Palestinian eastern sector. If there are still people on the planet 3,500 years from now, will they be able to read your ebook?What about 350 years, or 35 years? Never say something like "about 486 people were arrested." If you have an approximate number, round it off and say something like "nearly 500 people .
In addition to its temporary stand-in function, Lorem Ipsum makes it easier to judge a graphic design because, unless they understand Latin, viewers won’t be distracted by reading the content. Former-Governator Ah-Nold starred in a shitty satan movie that used inverted Hebrew text intended to look diabolical.
The Oxford English Dictionary ("OED") shows more than 2,000 entries where a quotation from Shakespeare is the earliest source available.
It's been said that the celebrated "bard of Avon" introduced somewhere between 8,000 and 15,000 words into English literature -- far more than other writers. In 1969 and '70, on my first job after college, I was assistant editor of High Fidelity Trade News -- a magazine that went to hi-fi dealers.
So, with the approval of editor Bryan, I decided to call the device a phone "answerer," and no readers complained that they did not understand the term. In later years recording tapes, motors and other mechanical guts were replaced with digital circuitry.

If I only knew then what I know now that if I had oddly and weirdly decorated it I could have sold it for a small fortune. A few weeks ago, my granddaughter and I were crossing the street in San Francisco near my residence.
What the Fort Dix incident says to us is that the terrorism, hatched in Muslim minds, is indeed a war. One constant and mostly friendly debate over the years has been the question of whether West Point, the Army's military academy, is in fact a university or a training school for soldiers.
Among those deceased include Emily Perez, a 2005 graduate, who was the first minority female command sergeant in the West Point's history.
Retired soldiers, like myself, are absolutely amazed at the continuous coverage of the war. We are not reading about or watching news reports about war fighters who are doing what soldiers are paid to do which is fight.
For example, the news media reports a Pentagon panel said that more than one third of American soldiers (this means Marines, all servicemen and women) suffer from psychological problems when they return. You cannot watch a news show on TV that does not deal with the war and mainly its aftermath. Hi Jerry, since becoming a fire chaplain 3 years ago, I have been reading every chaplain book I can get my hands on.
The photo of the Chinook reminded me of the day one was hanging over our tent area blowing sand and as many of us looked at it, it suddenly just dropped to the ground, caught on fire and killed five guys inside while we looked on in horror.
As Haag notes, former clothier Winchester could just as easily have been remembered as the country’s “men’s shirt king.” The gun industry began with the colonial rebels’ need for more uniform weapons whose parts could be exchanged in the midst of battle. Marcus discusses writing, editing, design, publishing, language, culture, politics, food and other things. This happens with books, websites, magazine articles, advertising, graffiti, any appearance of text. However, "Christian" self-pubco Xulon press says, "Now you can mail a full-color postcard about your book to family, friends, bookstores, and more!" -- but doesn't provide pricing online without a user name and password. VistaPrint will sell you very nice color cards for as little as a DIME EACH, even in quantities as small as 100.
Would you spend $535 for 1,000 cards plus $340 for postage and $1,300 for a mailing list rental (total $2168) to sell 25 books on which you'll make maybe four bucks each? If you type "1,000,000 years," people will slow down and notice the digits and may assume that the number is precise. Temporary text will help you to select type faces and size, page margins, headers and other "style" items. Since it was his 450th birthday but he died when he was just 52, he was not present to blow out all those candles.
That doesn't mean that Willie invented those words, but he certainly popularized and legitimized them. In addition to audio components such as speakers, turntables and receivers, we also covered other electronic products that could be sold in hi-fi stores. The format included a one-line headline with the brand and type of product, plus a photo and a brief description with suggested retail price. Newer terms such as "Telephone Answering Device" ("TAD"), "Digital Answering Device" ("DAD") and "Answering System" came along. I should have used the moment to discuss differences, diversity, and tolerance but I could not bring myself to do it.

When 6 men are arrested for wanting to kill as many Americans as possible at Fort Dix, what do we think?- certainly not that they were a bunch of right wing Christians or Jews or Buddhists.
The suspects include three brothers, ethnic Albanians from the former Yugoslavia, living illegally in the United States and working at a roofing business. Young men enjoying the benefits of a free society succumbing to an ideology which to Americans is simply insane; and, of course, now their families are affected in ways that we have no way of comprehending.
Fifty-three have died in Iraq or Afghanistan- a higher percentage of West Pointers than in any other war in recent history. Understand always that the news media is not interested overall in the truth, but rather a story. But reliance on government contracts during wartime proved an unreliable business model, forcing manufacturers to seek out other markets for the prodigious potential output of their military-scale factories. You can send out more cards if you want to lose more money, or buy the cards direct from the printer to lose a bit less money.
Maybe the book designers in Vatican City use Vietnamese text so they don't get distracted.
We immediately think radical Muslims after hearing such news; and, most of the time, we are right. All we know are the news reports-one whose family owned a pizzeria and of all things named Family Pizza.
Well Done, be thou at peace, is inscribed on the Final Roll Call, a listing the website of the Academy's Association of Graduates maintains. Overall, I don't think it's healthy for us as a nation and surely not for our soldiers to constantly be in a "woe is me" mood. They began aggressive ad campaigns aimed to convince ordinary citizens that guns were something they needed to own.
They never have great athletic teams because they are cadets first and those who aspire for big lucrative athletic careers don't go to West Point or any of the service academies. The constant use of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) language is almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. All along, I was somewhat against the embedding of journalists with the military for lots of reason. I so often find myself on the "battlefield" with no answers and a ton of needy eyeballs looking to me for some kind of answer. Haag offers some practical suggestions for curbing gun violence that involve treating weapons as a consumer product that should be regulated—noting the anomaly that toy guns are subject to safety regulations, while real guns are not. After graduation, the cadets, now young Lieutenants, face a 4 year commitment to the military.
And, the media is aiding and abetting it, constantly making the soldier out to be a victim. Both convincingly argued and eminently readable, Haag’s book will intrigue readers on all sides of the gun control debate.
And, they do it in the light of "supporting the soldier." It is the media, not liberal or Fox news, simply the media.

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