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Once students are aware of the differences between narrative and expository text, it is important for them to be exposed to the text features nonfiction writers use to most effectively communicate their information. Table of contents: A table of contents gives the heading and beginning page number of each section in a book. Photograph: A photograph is a picture made with a camera that shows how things look in real life.
Size Comparison Diagram: A size comparison is a diagram that compares the size of one thing to another. Successful nonfiction writers master six key areas known as the Pillars of High Performance. Let’s take a quick look at each pillar and how it relates to high performance and your nonfiction writing career. How you treat your body affects every area of your performance, including your ability to do your job. Your mind provides a powerful tool—if you train it on the thoughts and beliefs that serve you. When you know your Big Why, your passion drives you forward to achieve your writing goals and dreams. On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest), how do you rate yourself in these six areas of high performance? If you want to develop high-performance skills, habits, and character traits so you Achieve More Inspired Results in your professional and personal life, discover how Certified High Performance Coaching might help you fulfill your potential and live your life with more clarity, courage, energy, productivity, and influence—and success.
As a nonfiction writer, your purpose revolves around inspiring transformation or making a difference. If you want to attract a  literary agent or an acquisitions editor from a publishing house, you need more than unique and necessary book idea, a manuscript, or an author platform.
If you are a memoirist or an essayist, you can take your desire and ability to write personal stories and put it to use in reported articles.

Nothing matches the power of a large mailing list when it comes to marketing your books, products or services. I introduce these text features during a series of reading workshop minilessons to prepare them for a writing unit on nonfiction feature articles.
On other pages they search their independent reading books for examples of that feature and draw or write them into the booklets. By doing so, you achieve heightened and sustained levels of energy, clarity, courage, productivity, and influence, all of which affect your ability to become a high-performing nonfiction writer.
If you don’t feel strong, energetic, and flexible, you won’t have the stamina to work the necessary hours to achieve your goals. If your mind is filled with negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, though, you’ll have a difficult time creating a successful writing career. The more productive you are as a writer—the more you get done in less time—the higher your earning potential.
Persuasion is necessary for selling your books and or getting visitors to subscribe to your blog, but as you develop the “know, like, trust” factor with your target audience, you become a positive role model.
Become present—conscious, aware, interested, and focused in the moment—and all your results change for the better. Apply for a 1-hour FREE High Performance Coaching strategy session with me today when you click here.
Even if you don’t usually write pieces based on your life experiences, using personal anecdotes and vignettes can provide a powerful way to produce articles for publication. That’s why it behooves aspiring and published nonfiction authors to focus time and energy on list creation.
After each text feature is introduced, students are asked to complete a page in their Text Features Booklets (see directions below). Mastering your psychology means learning to focus your thoughts on what you want (not on what you don’t want) and changing limiting beliefs to unlimited ones.

When you stay “on purpose,” you move closer to achieving your goal of becoming a successful nonfiction writer every day. Work to achieve heightened and sustained levels of performance for each of the six pillars so you become a high-performing writer. If you are the only person who works on your articles, essays, query letters, book proposals and blog posts, you know what this means. You need the ability to work hard, because hard work precedes successful authorship every time.
When you make exercise, healthy eating, and sleep a priority in your life, you function at your best professionally. You need persuasive skills to land assignments, interviews, blurbs, and forewords for your work as well as to gain an author platform.
Plus, it’s easier to perform necessary tasks when you know doing so moves you closer to fulfilling your mission.
If I think you are a good fit for Certified High Performance Coaching, I’ll contact you to schedule a session. Crossing over to nonfiction—even for one book—benefits a fiction author by: Making you an expert.
If you structure your time, handle priorities first, and focus your attention in the time you have, you gain the freedom to focus on the writing projects that interest you most.
And nonfiction provides opportunities for aspiring authors to explore interesting topics and, more imporatant, to make a positive and meaningful difference with their words.

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