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Diversity within gaming is one of those words that are thrown around in just about any new title that is released. Diversity doesn’t and shouldn't ever mean just plopping a fictional character in game that isn't Caucasian. Let’s take a look at some facts to prove as to why I’m giving Blizzard’s, Overwatch a round of applause.
Without a doubt, Overwatch, with it just barely being released, is already giving the term of diversity, the proper dignity it deservers. I would love to see a AAA production of what a good old school, Resident Evil would look like.
Given the recent state of Disney cancelling Infinity, it would appear that this specific toys-to-life market isn’t going to be sustainable for much longer.
In my sight, there was clear cut reason as to why Infinity suffered the fate it did, and why Skylanders and Dimensions might suffer the same kind of destiny. As we all know, with it being very apparent, Amiibo’s are doing insanely well considering how long since it’s been since they were announced. With Nintendo’s heavy support to Amiibo’s, there will never be a complete extinction of the toys-to-life idea.
Over a very large part of last weekend that consisted of spending many countless late nights playing to get the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End platinum, something had struck me.
While the exploration aspect of all the Uncharted titles feel unique and never duplicated; A Thief’s End’s, Libertalia was the one that drew me in the most. The passageway into Libertalia itself and then the storyline behind the pirates greed and their downfall was an aspect of the game itself that intrigued me. With Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End fully out in many people hands and with it being almost in the audience’s hands too, many are disappointed with how it’s being reviewed.
It wasn’t that the audience was upset because that’s almost something of commonplace on the Internet. It’s almost understandable that we’re going to compare Uncharted 4 to The Last of Us, since this is Naughty Dog’s latest creation. This past Tuesday, two friends and myself had agreed to go see Ratchet & Clank in theaters. After leaving the theater, which mind you was completely empty; my two friends and I enjoyed the movie for what it was.
The point that I made to my friend who went to go watch the movie with me, who is also a huge PlayStation nerd like I am, was that if he remembered how much advertising the latest children movie had gotten?
Advertising is something that Sony has done well with regard to the things they know are going to do well, and that makes sense from a business standpoint. Good, not great, and that’s a shame in itself, however the main reason there were only three of us in the whole theater was due to no support for the movie itself on the behalf of Sony.
With what seems like the constant bubbling of rumors always being prevalent about a potential sequel to Red Dead Redemption, I’ve always thought what would I want from a sequel to one of my favorite PlayStation 3 titles. Red Dead Redemption itself will always be considered near and dear to my heart, as it was to many others. The ideal way I would want this to happen, or my ideal plot line would be for the game to show the earlier part of John’s life, when he was a bandit. While browsing through the free PlayStation Plus games for this month, I had noticed a recent trend.
The first frame of mind that I’m in, is that PlayStation Plus games are free and we should feel honored to have them in our midst. The other frame of mind that I’m in, is that I wished the games that PlayStation Plus were giving us had a heft to them.
I’m not positive as to if everyone feels this way as to the games we’re being offered feeling a little under the bar of content. The majority of the too many games that already are released on the PlayStation 4 is in a way aimed toward the older gamers and the older generation. With Ratchet & Clank doing considerably better than I thought it was going to do, this should be a sign for Sony to invest not only more of their time as to seeing what they can do in terms of their younger audience, but also it terms as to what their developers can do to make sure that they’re hitting the younger gamers along with the older ones.
With Dark Souls 3 still being very much a thing and relevant in the eyes of many, a Reddit user stated that this game had pulled him away from his work at home and playing is all he has done as of recent. With all that said, while I think its good to binge games and enjoy games you like, I still think you should do so responsibly and under the allotted time amount you have. With huge rumors and almost a near confirmation of a Call of Duty 4, PlayStation 4 Remaster in the works on the official Call of Duty Twitter, many are happy that this is rumored to happen.
Rather than the obvious shifts that being able to jump into the air and having thrusters in-game has, such as throwing off Search and Destroy timing or messing up other game modes that depend heavily on placement of enemies and time. While trophy hunting for my last and final platinum inside the Nathan Drake Collection, one of the major requirements for acquiring the platinum is playing the game on the second to hardest difficulty and beating it. The muscle memory of going back and playing the God of War challenge modes is a gaming experience that is going to be engrained in my past forever. Because of the popularity with the Souls franchise and the challenges that come alongside that. While causally waiting for my Computer class to start, two of my classmates in front of me were talking about which console should you buy. The next rule that many usually go to including myself, is what console do your friends have and play on.
An Arkham Remaster rumor is one that has been floating around for some time now within the Internet’s speculation. All the Batman games have been centered around in some form or another the way Batman interacts with all the villains, but majorly how he responds to what The Joker does. Origins wasn’t part of what Rocksteady had built, which may be understandably, largely why they aren’t plugging it into the Remaster. Final case in point, Batman: Arkham Origins should be included inside the remastered version. With speculation running high on Sony discontinuing the Vita in North America over on Reddit, I wanted to talk a bit about my PlayStation Vita. Crummy - news bruise, You know that the french revolution gave birth to the metric system and had its own calendar, but did you know they also used decimal time? September - dictionary blog, For many, the month of september signals the end of summer, the beginning of autumn, and the start of a new school year. Rather than just mash characters from around the world in game; it plays into the story wonderfully since the game takes place inside of war torn universe. When the game itself is built from the ground up with the idea of implementing diversity not just for the sake of it itself, but because the developer wants the game to have it, the audience picks up on that.
What was intended to be a cohesive new take on the horror genre, ended up turning into a shoot off with zombies.
With that said, as much as horror has changed over the years, and as much as what feels like every aspect of what can be done in horror regarding games has been done. Simply because they nailed the feeling of the on the edge type of gameplay that the survival horror roots are supposed to have. One that is driven by an actual story, rather than a story that starts off slow as in terms of pacing, which is great, but then spirals out into something that Resident Evil always tends to do. With projects similar, such as Skylanders and Lego Dimensions, will these meet the same fate that Infinity had?
And that is that these games are based around a core game and the overproduction of the products itself. And that’s where I think this specific road changes paths for Disney and Nintendo, and why Nintendo does so well with their figures. Infinity had an idea and executed a little too much, in terms of their sales, alongside other issues that led to their downfall. However, out of all of the titles, this one felt like it had actual exposition into leading as to why we’re going to this fictional island.
This then lead to many people bashing the game in the comment section when they haven’t even played the game itself, essentially deeming the game as being bad through someone else’s interpretation.
It wasn’t even that the audience was pre-judging the game based off the score before it was in their hands because that’s common as well. However, with that said, it’s obvious the two games are very opposite things from each other, and not only that, but it’s insane to chalk off a game simply because of what the impressions of the game itself are.
It will 95% be almost what everyone is expecting in terms of quality, simply because of who the piece itself is coming from. Without reading reviews or looking into how well the movie itself sold, I went in blind to go see the movie whose game counterpart is doing incredibly well.
It makes sense to get behind the things that are obviously going to sell well (need I remind you all the trailers that Destiny had gotten). This implication and obvious numbers as to how the sales did for this movie is going to be proof that movies based off of video games, especially obscure PlayStation ones that not everyone knows about, is going to be in trouble in the future.
With that said, I wouldn’t want the game to take any other direction than to show a part of John Marston’s life; preferably majorly involving his younger days.

The plot line would be show what he was doing and then show the turn of heart he had that leads up to the part when we were first introduced to him in the story. This feeling of the trend itself had hit me about two to three months ago, and had recently come up again with this months free titles that we’re given.
They’re given to us based off of how we pay Sony for a service that keeps our servers up and so forth and so on. It’s far beyond wishful thinking to wish for huge AAA titles or even well deserved indies that hold their claim to the throne to be released as a PlayStation Plus game. However, with that said I would be very interested to see what the download number is looking like when it comes to how many people have PlayStation 4’s or PlayStation 3’s, that are actually downloading the games that they're given every month.
Rather than push me aside and simply pass the controller between themselves; there were countless days and nights where my brothers and I would throughly enjoy playing Street Fighter and Halo 2. And to come to terms, those games have content materiel that parents wouldn’t want their children playing or are too complicated for their children to play, such as a difficult platform title.
Yes, there always will be the sort of cop out answer that mobile games are where children should play or that there’re plenty of remastered games, such as the Sly Cooper collection, but this defeats the purpose of the question itself. This then, made him feel that this has become an addiction of his and then quickly made himself realize that this was affecting his life in a negative way. Even though mine hasn’t been to the point where I’ve had it take over something of other major importance, there still has been those moments in games where I’m glued to the screen and countless hours have passed. Never should you ever neglect things in the real world, such as school or a job to play a game simply due to the fact that the game is there when you get around to playing it, but your job or your education sadly will move on without you.
With recent hate where the franchise itself has been heading with regard to there being that core mechanic of what made Call of Duty great, lost, it’s no surprise as to why this near confirmed speculation means something huge. The thruster faze of Call of Duty needs to be placed on the back burner so to speak as this would change the game entirely for many, including myself. Even though this mode wasn’t as tough personally, due to how I’m quite the experienced gamer in the difficulty category, I love the challenge that hard games present. That grueling experience of failing the mode repeatedly, was frustrating as all hell, but once finished was one of the most rewarding feeling I’ve ever experienced while gaming. The Dark Souls titles are known for their big boss battles and the punishment for dying by any enemy and penalizes you for any slip up or mishap in game.
Amongst this conversation, there were also talking as to what should be the main driving factors behind someone choosing what console they should decide to buy. The first rule is, even though there aren’t as many huge exclusive titles at the moment; what exclusive ones do you prefer?
It’s understandable that many don’t like the whole idea of having to play online and that’s completely fine. And while seeming like an obvious move to make, while reading the news about the titles that will be on the Remaster itself, Batman: Arkham Origins will not be on the remastered version that is planning to be released. But if you drop someone in that has no idea that Origins wasn’t made by Rocksteady and have them play City or Asylum and then Origins, the games both intertwine with each other.
Not only because in my opinion, it had the best Joker and Batman story within the world that Rocksteady had created, but also due to how Origins is and was massively underrated. Not only about the niche handheld as a whole, but also what it means to have a Vita and why I love having mine around.
While it’s success thrives in Japan as being the second best selling handheld, and also being killed by Sony and the audience alike in North America, the Vita deserves my love. It’s what makes new foods intriguing, meeting new people, and visiting foreign places, more exciting than ever.
Rather, diversity in game translates into being proud of whoever and whatever race or background that you come from. While this isn’t an insane amount of female leads, it’s still pretty solid for it being a first-person shooter. The character list is chalked up full of characters from every part of the world, including Japan, Nepal, India, Germany, and Brazil. With rumors of Resident Evil 7 being in the works, what can the series do the improve off of the last installment and take it back to the glorious days of my preferred Resident Evil game, 4?
It’s hard for me to enjoy a horror game that actually feels tense and meshes that well with other essential gameplay mechanics. There was always an uneasiness in the game due to the brilliant cam-corder function and needing to put batteries in it. And that thing being, always turning the game towards having you fight these huge monsters. With that speculation, let’s dive into why the toys-to-life market will never die off or go away. As we know, through reading about the fate of Infinity, one of the bigger reasons it shut down was due to their being an overproduction of sorts.
Nintendo knows how to market and make their figures in a way that deems them as appealing to the masses, but also useable and relevant to their games they make as well.
If this proved as anything, ideas such as Skylanders and Dimensions will have to bulletproof their plan and make their figures appear as if they’re here to stay and contend with the champion in this aspect, which is clearly Nintendo. It had hit me the night after I had got the platinum for the game itself and was relaxing down for the night. Rather than just shoot this, jump here, climb this, find this clue, rinse and repeat, the build up into finding this island actually felt like it could happen in reality.
You know a game is something truly special when the game itself is beyond exceptional, but then even the backstory of the game on the island you’re on, can branch off into its own game too if it wanted to. Most of the negative response came from the audience being somehow displeased that the game itself received something other than a ten all across the board, and this in sorts disturbed me. And it wasn’t even that they were upset the game got a nine on many review outlets because that’s also prevalent. I did have some foresight and hopes due to myself being of course not only a longtime Sony and PlayStation fan, but also simply because the movies equal was out on PlayStation 4 as a title that was being received incredibly well.
It had moments that eluded to other PlayStation franchises such as showcasing a figure of Sly Cooper and also Daxter. But things that are near and dear to my heart, such as the Vita didn’t get no where near the proper advertising that it rightfully deserved for the capability of the handheld itself.
I say this because when John died and then when it jumped to his son Jack, the game itself felt convoluted and rushed as if it didn’t properly take the time to mourn the main character’s death.
With that said, many also want the game mechanic to take it a step further and throw in Grand Theft Auto V’s character switching as well. Regarding this trend, I’m very much so of two frames of mind and split upon the decision and the way I feel about the trend of the topic itself. And while it would be absolutely absurd for them not to give their audience free titles based off of what Microsoft is doing with Games with Gold, to beat the competition; the games for the month are there if we want to download them and out of your way if you don’t.
However, something along the lines of games that have a prevalence of weight behind them is  thing that would draw myself and others included, into actually downloading the titles we’re given consistently.
Alongside with if those numbers drop any given month when they games are beneath what many are expecting. Not because there wasn’t a mass amounts of games targeted for kids our age, but because our mean didn’t allow us to get all the games that we wanted. With these titles, it’s considerable for older gamers, alongside with parents to be worried that we’re forgetting about the younger generation of gamers on the PS4. The question that is relevant, is where is the support for the younger audience in terms of quality games, like the older audience is getting? The medium of games is one that I hold near and dear to my heart, obviously, and even though I’ve poured countless hours into that medium, its always good to have that balance.
However, with recent additions such as Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3, this somehow was tweaked to make the game something different entirely from what it used to be, in Modern Warfare 2 days for example. I love the different interpretations each studio has with making these games, but the core mechanic of Call of Duty had always personally been the main state of war. There’s something to be said about a game when it does the beating you down part, just to build you back up when you achieve that success. When the challenges are tastefully done inside of games that offer them, rather than just putting them in for the sake of having them, it adds that figurative cherry on top of the game itself. While I’m all for supporting everything and anything gaming due to how I view gaming as cohesive world, at times many aren’t finically able to buy multiple consoles. With that said, I still believe many of my best gaming experiences has blossomed out of playing online with my friends. I feel as if Origins did something exceedingly well the others could've slightly improved on. Maybe the combat feels a little looser in Origins, but other than that they both have the same premise behind them. Many people played Asylum and many played City, but a lot of people didn’t play Origins as much. With that said, in gaming, diversity means giving the gamer a character in game that they can in sorts, relate to.

Rather, it’s about gamers everywhere, being proud to play as whoever they want to, regardless of race, background, or gender. If Overwatch does anywhere how it’s expected to, it’s success will show develops the proper way to implement one of the hardest topics in gaming.
A huge part of this change plays into not many people being into the idea of playing a to the core survival horror game.  They would rather have this category mixed with a platformer or a first-person shooter.
Even though, that game crumbled massively towards the ending and lost its pace of what it had going in the beginning for myself, I definitely feel as if Red Barrels nailed the core feeling as to what survival horror is supposed to be like today.
Amiibo’s can be utilized in a way and can be input that makes them almost relevant in anything Nintendo makes and that’s what makes them different from Infinity.
The aspect that I’m talking about contributed to making this fourth installment in the franchise, my favorite.
Without delving too much into spoilers, that reason is also what drives the whole game forward in general, which made it feel cohesive. I wanted to learn more about if their was a betrayal between Avery and Tew or Avery’s sanity just slowly slipped because of his greed. It’s in a sense funny because those same people that complain about the review it was given are the same people that are most likely still going to play it regardless of what the reviews say. With all the goodwill that the video game franchise itself had built up and with it being very cartoonish and seeming appealing to younger children, it was upsetting to see just the three of us occupy the whole theater. If Sony had properly advertised this movie, just imagine what that could’ve done to the movie itself. Because of the lack of pushing from advertising that Sony did for the Vita, it had waned out and died in the U.S.
That trend is the below average feeling of believing that PlayStation Plus games actually have some heft behind them and if the audience that is receiving them, actually want them. So in the terms that you need PlayStation Plus to play online if you have a PlayStation 4, having free games given to you is a nice added little bonus on top of making you pay for a service to enjoy online.
Taking all that into consideration, I’m still split because yes, they’re free, but is that reason enough for the quality of the games to drop almost every other month? With that said, the correlation is the direct opposite for younger ones today, regarding the PlayStation 4. Rather than having the game seem bleak with a greyscale color depiction, the game seems more lighthearted and colorful.
There’s something even to be said about a game when you know you can beat the part you’re having difficulty with if you move a certain way or do something specific in order to get the job done. Whether it’s late night gaming, trying not to yell or laugh too loud, gaming at times is best seasoned with friends. Not only in the sense because this is Bruce Wayne’s first time encountering these villains, but it’s his first time encountering The Joker. With Origins included this would be a sort of incentive to have people come back and see how under appreciated, but how substantial the game really is. With that said, it’s easy for developers to say they don’t care about diversity, but with the Internet being so prodding, they’re less often to take the road less taken. And those sales in turn, influence developers to turn to implementing different genres into the survival horror original framework.
A game that is so heavily intertwined in the story, but still always is backed up by great mechanics, and an actual feeling of tension. There were also the issues with licensing which played a way bigger, which makes sense as to different characters need to get different approvals. Rather than be shifted for an isolated product, Nintendo has a long run with these figures that they plan to utilize for what I imagine would be for a very long time.
What I’m getting at, is the actual build up to where you spend the majority of your time getting to, and that place is Libertalia. And that was what made me more invested in A Thief’s End than any other the other previous titles.
These are also non-coincidentally some of the same ones that don’t understand that all games can’t be tens.
Yes, while movie adaptions of video games are just waiting to be torn apart by critics and the audience alike, the movie itself wasn’t bad.
Not only could the movie numbers have shown that movies based off of PlayStation franchises work (good luck Sly Cooper), not only could it have improved the sales for the movie itself, but it also could’ve boosted the game sales as well.
However, if Sony gives these adaptions the “Ratchet & Clank” treatment, there’s no way they’re going to hold their weight. With Ratchet & Clank having wild success as a game and with the Lego games being prevalent, that’s pretty much the realm of games that are co-op for parents to enjoy with their children, or even for siblings to enjoy together. It was around when it was still fairly new, definitely year one, and I was absolutely addicted to the loot system. Rather than have it be boots to ground combat, it turned into where you can jump into the air and win any gun situation. It wasn’t the genetically enhanced jump in the air, or having guns with lasers, or even depicting war as something beautiful in terms of visuals.
This rule is usually a good motivating factor as to what kind of gaming experience you would rather prefer over the other. It’s manageable, but in all my years of gaming it always adds to my enjoyment seeing my friend ping online or being able to play or chat with them in a party at any given moment. This in regard to the people it’s going to attract and the games it has; everything about the console itself is very particular.
With Widowmaker being more slim and wearing the tight fit outfit, Zarya actually looks like the female character that seems bad ass, that has the muscles that looks like she can wield the gun that she does, and that’s a big deal to me. I believe this was the sole reason as to why Resident Evil, ever since after the fourth one, has taken a turn into the game playing largely around shooting your way out of everything, which kills the tension of the overall experience.
However, it seems as if the main fate was sealed due to them only having one major game to base all their figures around and off of. Not saying Uncharted 4 is that, but in terms a nine is still very good and indicates that the game itself should be played by many, as I’m sure Uncharted will be.
It wasn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination and would’ve appealed to who it was aimed to, if given the proper chance to do so. This mode would be work in a way to be integrated with showing Bill Williamson and his gang, involving the days of him and John. Not only was it the loot system, but I distinctly remember staying up until six the next morning because all my friends and I were addicted to who got the better loot or distinguishing who was better in online multiplayer.
If the rumored Call of Duty remaster is true, I bet money on it, that sales on that title will rise way over any other recent installment in the franchise. It broke records just within the first week of it being released, selling over 600,000 copies within that week just on Steam alone.
While, exclusivity plays a large part into the decision process, there’s another rule for ones to follow.
There’re assassin’s trying to kill you and even though you don’t quite yet know who’s in charge of the hit, you slowly build up and work your way to find out it’s The Joker.
Hinged off into the lives of the pirates and their thoughts and then lead into the betrayal within themselves. Here’s to the knowledge, that here on forth, knowing that all games don’t deserve the ten simply because of the stamp of the developer’s name on the cover.
When Red Dead Redemption was released in 2010, it had gotten mass amounts of critical acclaim and had been widely praised, as many Rockstar titles do.
Even though I do not play Destiny anymore, that day where I played from ten in the morning until six in the morning the next day was one of those days where the game completely sucked me in. These sales just back up my theory that while it is relaxing to play easygoing games every now and then, people are into a hefty challenge in a game.
The sense in the larger way they played with the identity of the bait and switch Black Mask, only to reveal that it was The Joker all along, was one of the greater Batman twists that I enjoyed. Having a Vita is understanding that this handheld didn’t get the love it deserved and also that AAA titles pretty much aren't going to be made on it anymore. Rather than just a place you’re traveling to to complete the chain of events that take you to the end of the game itself. It didn’t have the proper spelling point or advertising that Sony should've pushed behind it. Red Dead Redemption 2 is without a doubt one of the rumors that I’ve been hoping pans out to be true. Having a Vita is understanding that you’re investing your time and your money on a handheld that is precise in terms of what it has to offer.

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