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A Christian employee at Texas Roadhouse claimed religious discrimination when he got fired for not coming to work on their busiest day of the year. Nueces County Court sided with a Corpus Christi Texas Roadhouse restaurant that fired an employee for refusing to work on Father’s Day Sunday for religious reasons, according to the First Amendment blog Religion Clause. The former employee sued the chain for religious discrimination, asking for reinstatement, back pay, damages and legal fees, after he was fired in 2008.

Court documents show that the former employee claimed he had put the Texas Roadhouse on notice of his beliefs at the time of hire and that the restaurant agreed to accommodate him by never scheduling him to work on Sundays.
Texas Roadhouse representatives disputed this statement and acknowledged that while this former employee was routinely scheduled off on Sundays and Mondays, Texas Roadhouse required all employees to work on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, two of the restaurant’s highest-volume days of the year. The plaintiff claimed that after agreeing to work three previous holiday Sundays out of fear of losing his job, he refused to come to work for a scheduled shift on Father’s Day of 2008 and was fired for it.

Texas Roadhouse countered that on all of the holidays at issue, the plaintiff agreed to come to work and was even permitted to come in later than scheduled to attend services at his church.

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