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There are a ton of scams on the internet on how you can make thousands of dollars in a few days. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine behind Google (It also happens to be owned by Google as well).
Answer: The opportunity to make a good amount of money is there BUT it will take some time and it is not going to happen over night. You have to have at least 3-5 videos uploaded on your channel in order to monetize your videos. First, you must login to your youtube account and click on your channel name in the upper right hand corner and select settings. Once you are in your settings panel you will see monetization option in the lower left hand corner of the screen, find this option and click on it. Once you have your account set up for monetization you will see an option after you have uploaded a video to place ads on it. Go to video manager from your channel and you will see an option next to your uploaded videos with a dollar sign. When you are in the monetization settings you will see a paragraph stating that you own all of the content in your video and there is no copyright material in your video. Remember, you must own all of the content in your video OR have permission from the content creator to put ads on your videos.
Also, you must have an Google Adsense account set up in order to place ads and collect your money that you have earned. In closing, I will say that Youtube is a very good way of making a little extra spending cash, and the opportunity to do more than that. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new tips by email. That being said, you should know that YouTube isn’t some kind of cash cow just waiting to be milked. Thanks to Google’s YouTube Partner program, monetizing your videos is extremely easy. Before you can start making money off of your videos, you need to enable monetization on your YouTube account.
Think about the type content you’re working with and be conscious of the audience likely to consume it.
Now that you’ve got your account all set up and monetized, any earnings you get will be funneled into your Adsense account. The last of these five steps requires you to meet a payment threshold before Adsense gives you money. In order to make YouTube a viable source of income, you need to generate a regular stream of content that will attract subscribers.
Generating leads from YouTube is easy when you apply this simple YouTube marketing strategy & training in this blog post. If you sit down to watch a makeup tutorial and the pre-roll ad is for makeup don’t you think you’ll be more likely to click on the ad? At the risk of being too open, and worrying too much about numbers, I will share some of the numbers that I keep an eye on and how they translate to $.

If you do not abide by Google’s rules and regulations you will be at risk to lose your Youtube Account.
If you have the pasion, love what you are doing, and product GREAT content you will be successful.
Think you’ve got a shot to go viral with that heroic three-story bellyflop you did last summer? If all’s well with your account, you can have ads up and running on your videos in just a couple hours, ready to start building your retirement fund a few pennies at a time.
If you’ve uploaded any copyrighted content or disregarded YouTube community guidelines by posting horrible comments, Google might not allow you to monetize your videos. Overlay ads are the small banners that occupy the lower third of the video, whereas TrueView ads are video ads that play before your video. If your video is a tutorial on how to rope a goat, tie a bowtie, or some other piece of valuable educational material, then your viewers are more likely to sit through an ad. If your video is just something silly and fun, you might want to opt for just Overlay ads, as TrueView video ads can often turn people away from your video before they even watch it.
Basically what this means is that you’ll need to accrue at least $100 before you get paid. The Internet has the attention span of a goldfish with ADD, so you need to make a good hook if people are going to watch your video in its entirety.
Mostly so you know that when I share any numbers there is likely no real correlation to what other channels are making.
One thing I always do is make sure when I watch a video from someone to which I subscribe, I always let the pre-roll play through.
But hey, if that Fred kid can be make millions of dollars and land a movie deal just from being ridiculously annoying, who’s to say your channel can’t bring in a few bucks?
Below we’ve covered the steps you need to take to get started, along with a few tips for making great videos that people will watch. In order to fully set up your Adsense account and receive your earnings, you need to complete the five steps listed here. If you don’t meet this threshold by the end of the month, your earnings will be rolled over to the next month (and the next month, and the next month if necessary) until the threshold is met.
You might want to put some annotations and links in the description to other related videos of yours and see if it helps get more subscribers. You can find thousands of how-to videos on a variety of subjects such as acne, dating, losing weight and creating websites. Depending the popularity of your video(s), this could take anywhere from a few hours to a few months – or even years. I decided to do this because my videos get 200-300 views right now which translates to pennies most of the time. A lot of people watch funny and entertaining videos on YouTube.Internet marketers use YouTube to generate leads for their online businesses. Sure, they were hot for a minute, but if you jumped on the bandwagon late you probably only got a few dozen views before you fell out of the spotlight. Online affiliate marketers use the video-sharing website to send buyers to products they promote.
Another reason videos might not be monetized is due to copyright, in which case, the copyright holder might get ad revenue.

Google YouTube has its own advertising programme, which you can use to monetize your videos. If you do not have the equipment, time or expertise to create video reviews or testimonials, you can hire someone to create a video for you. Fiverr has a lot of talented individuals offering to create video reviews and testimonials for $5. You will have to just upload the video on YouTube.For example, if I am promoting an acne cure, I will share a video about acne and how the product helps in getting rid of acne. When they buy the product using the affiliate link or discount coupon code, I earn a commission.Video marketing (using YouTube for selling or promoting products) is an effective strategy for persuading people into buying or trying your products. YouTube being an authority website owned by Google, it gets indexed in Google search engine almost instantly.
When you intend to drive traffic to your websites, share interesting stuff, funny videos and how-to articles related to the niche of the website.
When you want the viewers to visit your website, leave some loose ends in the video and invite viewers to find the remaining information on your website.
It is necessary that the viewer should have the desire to visit your website or blog for the rest of the information.Creating a video for YouTubeIf you have a video camera, you know what to do with it. You can also use a presentation (PowerPoint or Open Office) to create a screencast video.Make your videos as useful and interesting as possible. Don’t forget to share your affiliate product link or code in the video, preferably at the beginning. It will take some time before you can see a constant stream of income or traffic (which, in turn, gets money) through YouTube videos. Related Articles & Resources 21 Ways to Make Money with Computer & Internet through Online Jobs (21 Legitimate Methods) Want to make money online? Google and you’ll get millions of search results telling you thousands of ways to make money on the Internet.
Some methods are real and legitimate ways for making money online while others are plain scams to make you pay money. Massive List of 51 Internet Business Ideas When you know how to make money—whether offline or online—the road to financial freedom and quiting your job becomes a possibility.
Franck Silvestre Pritam saysNovember 9, 2011 at 1:14 AM That is one way of leveraging YouTube. So, the person who is interested to earn money from Youtube should have to learn how to market on Youtube 1st in order to be successful with it. Just having a many subscribers will create money, I think Google pays YouTube users with many subscribers, because as you have many subscribers, many advertisements on video will be seen. Here you get to learn various legitimate ways of online ventures and enterprises to earn money online using Internet, your computer and, of course, your hard work.

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