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The internet is definitely my favorite resource for research and learning, but I’ve been reading something that I’ve started recommending to anyone who will listen.
The book’s premise is simple: figure out what you love to do, and find yourself a way to make money doing it. So he has an odd schedule and he puts in some really long shifts, but I’m not kidding when I say that going to work really doesn’t feel like work to him.
One of the things he loves about his job is he works one 24 hour stretch, and then has 3 days off. He thinks it’s exciting when he actually sees his students learn (even thought they think they know everything already … you remember what it was like to be sixteen) and he just really enjoys being a teacher.
Seriously, you get Scott talking about his job and his eyes light up as he explains how his classroom is a place to really explore lessons from history and how they apply today.
Like the others, Jay has designed his life around doing what he loves which is surfing and art.
I’ve got myself running an automated internet business that gives me the freedom to travel the globe, which is pretty awesome in my book and that’s all that matters. Four separate people, four totally different careers, but one thing in common: the four of us have found our passion, just like Gary Vaynerchuk’s book urges everyone to do. I guess if I wanted to offer you some simple advice right here and now it would be that the key to a successful, happy life is to structure your career around enjoying it! I spent the first half of this post talking about some of my guy friends, so let’s make up an example for the ladies out there. You might not be able to immediately become a host of “What Not to Wear,” but you probably could become a personal shopper and you could definitely look into beauty school.
You could start doing a bit of research by checking out blogs written by those TV hosts, calling different beauty schools, or even asking your friends if they’d be willing to pay for your services.
Haven’t heard his audio book, but might have to buy it for my trip when I need something to listen to.
Off the top of my head Lee, I think there are people who work out of major areas along the Appalachian trail that will bring people out for a week or so and guide them to major areas. I’m in the middle of my law studies, and the only sensible thing to do is to continue on to become a lawyer. I think what alot of people don’t realize is how much they do in fact control their destinies. Your destiny is sure to come true according to what you set forth, how you think and who you are. That’s the whole focus of my blog, taking something that for most people is only ever a hobby, and making it pay.
Key 6: God prospers me not to raise my standard of living but to raise my standard of giving.

I enjoyed a twitter debate earlier today with a couple of friends on the issue of whether Christians should avoid paying taxes. Jesus’ word ‘give back’ ‘indicates either the return of something borrowed or the payment of what is due. Craig Blomberg makes the same point about Jesus’ choice of the verb ‘give back’ and his conclusion is that according to Jesus’ teaching  ‘Reasonable taxation is a legitimate function for all governments, even totalitarian regimes; how much more so with more democratic governments! For the Christian is there then a fundamental distinction between tax avoidance (where unintended but legal loop-holes are exploited) and tax evasion? A deliberate attempt to evade paying taxes – through illegal means – is both a crime against the state and a sin against God. Jesus wants you and me to recognise that money and the thought of what it might buy us has a certain power over us. One survey in the US asked people what they would do for a million dollars. The words are so familiar it’s easy to overlook the big surprise in Jesus’ words.  He doesn’t say you can either serve God or you can go out and have a good time. Such an idea runs counter to how we think of ourselves and how we would describe our lives.  We prefer the language of personal freedom.
In describing life as a decision to choose who we will serve, Jesus is saying every human being serves someone or something in the hope that it will bring a reward. Psychologist Oliver James’s book Affluenza highlights just what has happened to us as a result of serving money. Description: Money Wallpaper HD is a hi res Wallpaper for pc desktops,laptops or mobile gadgets. You can download Money Wallpaper HD for free, just look below in the Detail section.Finally, don't forget to share your opinion with your vote (just below also)!
If there’s one thing in the world that you could all day long and get paid for it, what would it be? There are many people out there who have structured their lives around doing what they love, while earning money from it. He grew up an environment that embraced the idea of public service like being a firefighter and a cop. With this kind of schedule, he has plenty of time to be a volunteer EMT and enjoy a variety of activities like sailing, surfing, and scuba diving. His personal passion is so intertwined with his career that it’s really hard to even know when he’s actually working and when he’s simply enjoying life.
Most of us have to work in order to survive, and the world is full of people doing different jobs. Others are fortunate enough to love what they do, except I don’t know if “fortunate” is even really the right word. Let’s say that you absolutely love helping your friends pick out outfits to wear to special events, right down to their hairdos and makeup.

I’ve had some pretty unusual jobs over the years that led to me being the onlt librarian with a certificate to change abrasive wheels, and later the only hostage negiotiator trained florist in the country, but nothing beats being able to introduce myself as an online freelance writer.
Yes because the government encourages us to pay less tax by, for example, offering tax-breaks to encourage us to save for retirement through personal pensions and tax-free savings investments such as ISAs. No where an unintended tax loop-hole is being exploited to avoid paying tax especially if this is being aggressively exploited to avoid paying any tax.
The tax is thus presented not as an arbitrary imposition but as due payment for the benefits received from the imperial government, which they have acknowledged by using the imperial currency. Seeing your bank manager is like taking a trip to the dentist, you’re sure they’re both going to find a big hole and that they will come up with some pretty painful and expensive way to try and fill it. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. Forty-two percent said they would be willing to spend time in jail, never see their best friend again, move permanently to a foreign country, or throw their pet off a cliff! We like to say we’re in control and yet here is Jesus saying, to quote one friend of mine, ‘if you will not let yourself be owned by God you will be owned by something else’. So much so that we lose sleep when we don’t have enough, no matter how much we have we need more and we are even prepared to hate those who have more than we do. To ask it to provide for us, to protect us, to make us happy and in return we promise to serve it. He’s about as different from my firefighter buddy as night and day, but he also loves his job. It is a failure to love our neighbour who has to meet the shortfall in tax created by my dodge. But Jesus isn’t primarily concerned to tell us we’ve got too much money or too little, nor to advise us to spend it, save it or even give it away. It’s the thing that has first place in our hearts, has the greatest call on our time, is the very thing that we are ready to sacrifice for (maybe even our pet for!). Guess if I ever come up with an idea that I can create the gap in online I’ll be able to buy that RV and do both. He focuses in on money to show us that money and our attitude to it reveals  something much more fundamental about ourselves.

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