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This July 3, 2015 photo supplied by Todd Kuhns shows Kuhns and his wife Bich Kuhns at Winchester Mystery House, a mansion and historic landmark open to tourists in San Jose, Calif.
One way to make the most of limited downtime when you're traveling is to load your phone with mobile apps and get comfortable using them.
That's the strategy used by Todd Kuhns, video producer for Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri, whose work interviewing students, faculty and alumni for the school's YouTube channel has taken him to nine cities in the past two months, including Rome and Venice. But it was a trip to California earlier this summer where he really took advantage of several apps to create an itinerary on the fly.
Kuhns had noticed that a touring version of the Broadway musical "The Book of Mormon" had just opened in San Jose. He bought the ticket anyway, and after arriving in San Jose, found a copy center near the theater where he was able to print the tickets from the email attachment on his mobile phone.
The experience helped him achieve one of his goals when he's traveling for work: "Sometimes you're so tired, you just want to go back to the hotel and sleep. A last-minute theater ticket smartphone application that has been a hit on Broadway took its act to London's West End on Monday with the official opening there of TodayTix.

You've heard the stereotype of ticket scalpers a€“ that they're lone wolves waiting to prey on people with overpriced access to the events we want to see.
The Solar Impulse 2 aircraft passed the halfway mark of its marathon flight across the Atlantic late Tuesday, one of the most challenging legs of its historic sun-powered journey around the world. When we see two people meet, we can often predict what happens next: a handshake, a hug, or maybe even a kiss. China has an opportunity to massively increase its use of wind powera€”if it properly integrates wind into its existing power system, according to a newly published MIT study.
A facial recognition database compiled by the FBI has more than 400 million images to help criminal investigations, but lacks adequate safeguards for accuracy and privacy protection, a congressional audit shows. Kuhns was in San Jose on a business trip and used several mobile apps on the fly to organize a series of last-minute leisure outings. He had a morning interview about 30 miles away with an alumnus in the tech industry in Redwood City, California. After the interview, he caught the train to San Jose, only to discover the show had sold out.

He still had the evening, so he Googled "San Jose attractions" after the show and found the Winchester Mystery House, a mansion and historic site open for tours.
But I always try to find some way to appreciate where I am, whether it's a touristy thing or just a local restaurant that's not a chain where I can try a local delicacy. For years, artists and concert promoters have stigmatized ticket resale as a practice that unfairly hurts their own sales and forces fans to pay exorbitant prices for tickets to sold-out concerts. Our ability to anticipate actions is thanks to intuitions born out of a lifetime of experiences. If he finished in time, he might make it back to San Jose for the show's matinee with his wife, who'd come along on the trip. There was just one problem: Physical paper tickets were required for admission to the show.

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