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If given the choice, we’re pretty sure no one would pick to be in a long distance relationship. If the two of you are used to texting each other about everything under the sun, don’t give it up! Small gestures go a long way, and letting your best friend know you’re thinking about them will keep the friendship alive.
With long distance friendships, accept that birthdays may be forgotten, text messages misinterpreted and both people may feel left out sometimes. There are so much of obstacles in a couple’s life leading a long distance relationship.
In that case even a small degree of mistrust can cause havoc leaving vigorous consequences to the relationship. Another important necessity for maintaining a long distance relationship is the intimacy. In that case, naughty text messages, online confabulation can work wonders.
The technological advancements which have led to the development of skype and other video chatting mode is yet another feather in the cap of romance. Meeting up sometimes, even if it is once in six months or so and spending amorous moments will revive the arc among them and regenerate the charm in their relationship. The memories spent with each other after a period of total desolation will be just spellbinding and mesmerizing.
Missing each other during the solitary period will help to realize the importance, significance of each other in your life. While you may feel a world apart from your best friend, it’s still possible to keep the friendship flourishing.

Big moves are more of a challenge, but it may still be possible to fly or drive back, even if it only happens every few years. But still there are ways to make the relationship pollyanaish and magnificent, to lead an amorous life even after being separated over miles and to savor from every bit of their relationship.
When you do not get to meet your partner frequently, it becomes very hard to provide the appropriate nourishment to the relationship helping it to grow healthily. It is the prime responsibility of the partners to keep the trust, faith alive within each other.
Every relation needs time to flourish and you will have to provide it patiently to preserve a healthy relationship.
Despite being separated over such a long distance, couples now have a feasible option of doing things together, sharing various activities with each other. Appropriate conveyance of feelings, emotions if absent will lead to dustups and will create tautness in your relationship. These memories spent together will help to spend the again solitude life with authority and jubilantly. And to make it work - and keep it a healthy, functional and sexual, you have to put in time, commitment and well, get a little creative.The good news is you're not alone. Make it a priority to set up regular phone dates to stay connected, or use Skype to video chat, discuss a movie or even eat the same meal together, even if you are separated by thousands of miles.
Take comfort in the knowledge that it will always be there as long as you make the effort to keep the ties in place.
The probability of misunderstanding is therefore very high resulting in stress, tension leading to nothing but widening the gap emotionally also.

A feeling that we can still do things together even being away for so many miles from each other. You can feel each other even in your silence, you can live together even being distant away. But those who have ever been into a long distance relationship can actually feel how difficult it is to maintain such a relationship steadily and healthily. This restores the charm in the relationship and helps to ramp up a confidence in the relationship. If the proper understanding misses out from each other’s life, there are no alternative ways to mend your relationship further. So, it is extremely important that you try to clear the misunderstanding absolutely preventing it from cropping out suddenly and haltering your relationship. The moment you decide to get into a long distance relationship where you and your partner are separated over a distance, where you hardly meet each other, where the only way to communicate with each other is to feel each other, to realize each other’s value, it is extremely essential to enhance your commitment level to a very high degree and you need to accept and survive every challenge with determination and grit. Once you learn to survive the obstacles, you feel the charm and it becomes very pleasurable, fun, astounding and incredible. However, to keep you both grounded and build the foundation your relationship needs, make concrete plans - even if they’re virtual! Instead of doing the same message, photo, right hand dance, try something else instead: get on the phone!

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