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You might be wondering right now why you are not a millionaire, and that it is difficult for you to gain financial freedom and stability. It has never occurred to you to be wealthy because you see yourself as an average and that you have never known anyone who is wealthy.
You grew up believing that because your parents, your friends, and those you socialize with are not wealthy, then you are in the same category. These are some of the reasons on why you are not a millionaire, and it is high time to change not only your mindset but your basic attitude about acquiring financial freedom as well. Every decision requires that you make that bold step to change the way you view your financial success. You might reason out this is not for you, and that you do not have the financial savvy to become a millionaire.

You socialize with friends who are like minded, and like them, you are simply earning a living, paying off the mortgage. It is time to truly think about why you are not a millionaire, and the steps you can to do gain a higher degree of financial success. For example, you might have read books, listened to financial gurus, looked at the stock market for investments. You are so eager to buy the latest gadget, car, take that vacation, go shopping, and the like. This is the very reason why you are not growing your wealth- it is the basic belief that you cannot do it. You put off months and years until you realize that it is too late to gain the financial freedom you always longed.

You become stagnant and simply accept that some people are rich and some people are average or poor.
You take out money from your salary for both savings and investment before you even spend everything.

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