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But there is a California connection: ABC is owned by The Walt Disney Company, which has its corporate headquarters in Burbank, California.
After being launched in the United Kingdom in 1998, the production company licensed versions of the show to every continent except Antarctica. Now, before you get too excited, you need to know that you won’t be leaving the park with a check for a million dollars, even if you get every answer right.
That means it’s highly authentic because real Hollywood sound stages tend to be nothing more than big boxes. It’s worth getting a FASTPASS because you can return slightly more than ten minutes before Play It! If there’s a hour-long wait for the stand-by line, it doesn’t mean that Play It! It looks just like the set of the TV show, except that this studio seats more than 600 park guests. Using your individual keypad, be the fastest to put a series of answers in the correct order.
The personable host will ask 15 multiple-choice questions, each with four possible answers.
Just as the TV version gives “hot seat” contestants three lifelines, so does Play It!
The questions keep getting harder as you progress through the 15 levels, but you answer every question correctly! In 2000, ABC dominated prime time by running the show three, four, and even five nights a week. Disney-owned ABC, which had been the number three network a year earlier, was now way ahead of CBS, NBC, and Fox. Management made quick changes to the park’s entertainment offerings, but the park really needed new, compelling attractions to make the turnstiles click. The final night of the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on ABC’s regular prime-time schedule was June 27, 2002.

A daytime, syndicated version of the show, hosted by Meredith Vieira, launched on September 16, 2002. Disney’s California Adventure wound up with an attraction based on a daytime show, not on a national phenomenon. The attraction had a longer run at the Studios park in Florida, where it ran more then five years until August 19, 2006. Disney has a vision for every couch potato who's wished they could be on Who Wants to be a Millionaire - pay us and we'll do it! Following the hit status of ABC's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Disney has decided to make a version of the show in MGM Studios(It is also in California Adventure out in Disneyland).
Studios Central is in no way shape or form related to The Walt Disney Company, nor is it in anyway shape or form part of, or associated with the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Company.
Like the television show, the fastest finger determines the first contestant to sit in the coveted hot seat.
All audience members play along by using individual keypads as their scores are tallied throughout the session.
Or perhaps, instead of the New York trip, you earned a three-night Disney Cruise from Port Canaveral to The Bahamas, including Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. The wild early success of that program may have even distracted ABC from developing new hits, according to analysts. From 0 to 8,000, the questions are pretty easy and the only real competition is in the audience, all of whom are competing against each other.
With the exception of Regis(and now the daytime replacement host), WWTBAM-PI is a carbon copy of the show. It means that the 25-minute shows are usually one hour apart, and the doors just closed on the current show.
You have no idea if it will be picked up by a college professor who reads eight newspapers and ten journals each day or a middle schooler who never pays attention in class. Theres probably more drama on a $400 question in the audience than any other time, as groans and cheers come out as people realize if they got the question right or wrong.

Due to the large capacity of the arena, if you find yourself waiting inside any part of the actual queue, you will most likely make it. The way the person in the hotseat is chosen is every guest has a pad in front of them with 4 buttons(A,B,C & D). The real key to getting in the top 10 and then hopefully, into the hotseat, is to fully understand how the game works and the best strategy. Be aware however, that FASTPASS this attraction to ensure getting in as a majority of the seats are given to those holding a FASTPASS ticket. The faster and more accurate you are on the question, the more points you get and the more likely your chances of getting to be on the hot seat. When there is a void in the hotseat(meaning whoever was there before is done or lost) they see who is ranked #1 in the arena and pick that person. The actual time you will be able to play is a set amount of time, which usually lasts for 3 guests to be in the hotseat. And in case you were wondering, the million point question prize is a free cruise for 4 on the Disney Cruise line. It's no joke that if you do not know the answer to the question by the time the 3rd choice(C) is shown(meaning, if it's not the first 3, you have to assume its the last one), you have little shot at getting the question for the necessary points. Luckily for anyone who screws up, after a person is done in the hotseat, all scores are cleared and everyone starts over again. The best strategy I have is once you know the answer, keep hitting the buttons repeatedly as fast as you can until it records your answer. The logic being you'll minimize the time gap between opportunity to answer and actually doing so.

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