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I was inspired to write this post because many of the clients that come to me have a BIG goals that they want to achieve, but it has been side lined because they are struggling to cope with stress, negative thoughts or don’t have the confidence need to actually GO FOR IT. Taking your big goals from what seems like an impossible dream to a VERY possible, even probable dream, is not as hard as you might think. The first thing that you should be doing before we go any further is to think about your dream and ask yourself is it really want you want.
We have no emotional attachment or desire to achieve them, so they are always going to be an impossible goal.
Before I knew about the difference between a SHOULD goal and a real goal, I always thought I hated the gym because I was lazy. Life is far too short to stick to goals that we don’t really WANT to achieve, so after a short time, we give up or we find excuses. But the true goal (exercising and getting fit) also gets put aside and before you know it, you are a few months down the line and no exercise has been done at all. As you can see from this example, this is why it is vitally important to find your true goal. Otherwise, it will always remain a SHOULD goal and it will be on your New Years Resolution list every year!
If you are busy this week, just do step 1 but I strongly recommend that you aim to do step 2 as soon as you can and spend a couple of hours at this stage as it really is worth the time and effort to find out what you want.
The aim is to think about what you want, or what you think you want, and to visualise your life after you have achieved that goal.
For example, in the case that I shared earlier about me hating the gym, I would love to have a svelte toned body, but not enough to drag my sorry butt to the gym 3 or 4 times a week! However, if I could achieve that same result a different way (exercising at home for example) I may find that the visualisation exercise spurs me on and motivates me to exercise at home 3 or 4 times a week. So the key with this exercise is to visualise the results and ask your inner self what things you need to do to achieve it. You will be writing a letter of all of your achievements over the past 3 years and everything that you are grateful for.

You are writing the letter to a supportive friend or relative, one that will not judge you or make light of your goals or achievements. If you cannot think of anybody like that, address it to me, I would love to hear all about what you have achieved! You’re obviously not going to send the letter, so it really makes no difference other than you feeling like you can really open up and be honest about your achievements. Write the letter as if you haven’t spoken to your friend for some months and you are letting them know all of the good things that are happening in your life.
List everything that you want your life to look like in three years time (remember step 1 though, be realistic about what you REALLY want). I really enjoy doing this exercise and once the words start flowing it is surprising what results you get sometimes. Don’t forget to sign up to the FREE 7 Day E-Course and discover how easy it is to overcome all of your inner blocks AND build the confidence needed to go for your goal! As you read it, take time to really feel grateful for the things that you have achieved and that you have in your life. Try not to worry too much about HOW you will achieve all of the things you wrote in the letter, for now, just absorb yourself in being grateful for achieving them (Remember, we’re 3 years ahead of now!). You will even start to find people that can help you to achieve your goal (mentors and like-minded people that will encourage you etc).
But for now, you need to concentrate on making the impossible dream seem like a possibility for you.
Here is another example of how to use visualisations to help you to achieve your goals and also to encourage a positive mind set and positive thinking.
Some people just have the desire for the goals but other may go to any extent to get their goals done.
Whatever goals you have in your life, whether major or minor, you have to form a proper strategy plan on how to get those goals. After goals have been set and you have formed a proper strategy on how to achieve those goals, you have to form a proper checklist of the steps involved in strategy.Whenever a step is completed you just mark that point in that checklist.

During the process of struggle to achieve the goals, one should always be aware of the progress of his struggle. Goals require actions not just the talks, so in order to achieve the goals effectively; you have to be very practical and fully operational all the time. Especially, when successful people give their advice, it really matters and they should be listened to.  They are the people who have walked through the road where you have just begun and their advice really matters.
The success comes when it is desired, when it is truly desired, men do hard work and reward is success.
But when they try to think about their goals, they cannot think of a point about their goal. The achievement of the goals depends on the types of the goals and by the ways you have set those goals. Some want to be the best politician while others may have set their goals for best lawyers. In this process of this goal achieving, success stories and success quotes are like the guiding lights which helps man to be in pursuit of their goals. Same as the desire of goals varies widely from person to person, same is the case with passion to pursue that goal. In the following article, we will discuss steps to achieve goals, how to set and achieve goals, success and success stories.
You have to think what your challenges in your life are and you have to combat those in form of taking those as your goal.

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