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Life is more stressful than ever but choices that you make day in and day out affect whether you stay stressed and feeling guilty or you start taking small steps towards a calmer, more balanced life. Gosh it’s the guilt and the stress of feeling guilty that creates even more stress and guilt! According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the percentage of students aged 12-18 who reported being bullied at school has increased by 24.5 percent since 2003, with the latest data samples released in 2007.
The studies, conducted in 2003, 2005 and 2007, examine the relationship between students who reported being bullied and their respective characteristics, including data concerning the students’ grades, year, income, sex and race. Kathi Eastham teaches English at Coral Gables Senior High School, where she has worked since 1983. Interestingly, although the NCES findings did indeed break down its data by students’ grades, year, income, sex and race, there were few, if any trends or patterns within each category. Lisa Heiblum has a master’s degree in social work (MSW) and works as a research associate with the University of Miami Education and Evaluation Team (UMEET) where she has spent time visiting 28 high schools in Miami-Dade County through the University of Miami Department of Education.
In order to help combat incidents of bullying, many schools have implemented new types of programming to educate both students and faculty members on the potential consequences of bullying.
Both Heiblum and Nan are concerned about the future of bullying, especially as changes in technology have all but destroyed the archetypal, “give me your milk money,” motif.
Cyber-bullying, or using new forms of technology such as instant messenger, e-mail or other forms of electronic communication for bullying purposes, is definitely on the rise according to Heiblum and Nan. Although some parents are quick to restrict their adolescent’s access to online material following incidents of cyberbullying, Nan argued that such tactics are markedly ineffective.

Although many schools are adapting their curricula and creating after-school programming in order to help combat problems and issues associated with bullying, for many students such changes are simply too little, too late. Francesca Cauce is a junior at Coral Gables Senior High and has had first hand experience dealing with bullying issues. According to Cauce, Coral Gables Senior High now has a cellular phone that essentially serves as an anti-bullying hotline.
Although some teachers, like Eastham, for example, choose to participate in workshops dealing specifically with sensitivity training, enrollment in such programs is neither required by the administration nor by the county.
According to both Eastham and Heiblum, anti-bullying education needs to start at a younger age in order to be truly effective. In the past few years, Eastham has noticed a growing trend within the realm of bullying behavior. According to Lee, this type of bullying probably has to do with the homophobia in those who are bullying. But what should a student who is bullied do in order to place themselves into safer, happier positions?
Heiblum believes that it is important for adolescents to find confidantes, explaining that it has to be more than a nonchalant, “you need to go to the school counselor,” sort of experience.
Lee is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and works as an individual psychotherapist in Atlanta, Georgia. Sadly, the studies were unable to pinpoint any potential reasons for why an adolescent may or may not be bullied.

Also a mother of two, Heiblum offers insight on other, less tangible factors that may help to determine why a student is bullied.
However, many of these programs do not work as they are ineffective, out-of-date and lag behind the research. For example, according to Nan, in about 80 percent of bullying cases there are bystanders who fail to act on the victim’s behalf. Students and faculty alike can send text messages or make phone calls in order to report episodes of bullying. According to Eastham, gay or questioning students are subjected to cruel, bullying behavior on a fairly consistent basis. Since incidents of reported bullying have indeed increased by 24.6 percent since 2003, what can adolescents do in order to help themselves become more than just a statistic? If I find myself feeling guilty about something I ask myself what I would say to my daughter in the future if she was in the same situation and asked for advice.
Tragically, that is a 24.6 percent rate of change between the first and third set of data sampling. Having dealt with patients affected by incidents of bullying, Lee agrees with Eastham’s assertion.

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