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Just as they take up venomous snakes to prove the strength ofA their faith, they intentionally subject themselves to deadly poisons for the same purpose. To fulfill this assignment, they would be required to eat foods they had never seenA before. In fact, their journeys to pagan lands would no doubt necessitate that they eat foods they previouslyA considered to be dirty or unclean. If the disciples had rejected what their hosts had prepared for them, they could have greatly insulted or hurt them.

When they discover they cana€™t have the same food, the same restaurants, the same blend ofA coffee, and so on, Ia€™ve seen them get very upset. He provided us with supernatural protection from disasters, calamities, snakes, scorpions, andA all the works of the enemy. If God isA giving you an assignment that takes you to a foreign state, a distant country, or an unfamiliar culture,A just keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and get going! Jesus has provided supernatural protection from disasters, calamities, snakes, scorpions, and all theA works of the enemy.

How do you think people in other nations are affected when after preparing their best food for their guests, they watch the guests turn up their noses and act like the food is so disgusting that they cannot consume it?A A 2.

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