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The angular gyrus develops from about age 6 to 9, then it is mostly finished for most people. The brain is made up of three major parts: the cerebrum, the cerebellum and the brain stem.
Scientists believe that consciousness depends on the constant transmission of chemical signals from the brainstem and thalamus to the cerebrum. A vegetative state is a type of coma that represents an awake but unresponsive state of consciousness. Catatonia - People in this state do not move or speak, and tend not to make eye contact with others.
Many of these patients were comatose previously and after a few days or weeks emerge to an unconscious state in which their eyelids are open, giving the impression that they are awake.

Any interruptions to these messages can put someone into an altered state of consciousness.
Patients in this state of consciousness may exhibit behaviors that lead family members to incorrectly believe they are becoming awake and communicative.
Strokes or other conditions that damage the brain stem, but not the cerebrum, can cause this syndrome.Brain death - People with this condition show no signs of brain function. The cerebrum controls cognitive and sensory functions such as intelligence, memory, reasoning and emotions. Although their heart still beats, they cannot think, move, breathe or perform any bodily function. However, these patients do not actually respond to any internal or external stimuli and evidence of extensive brain damage still persists.

The outcome of patients in whom a vegetative state lasts for a month or more is generally poor and doctors use the term persistent vegetative state. Legally, the patient is declared dead and the wishes of the patient or the family regarding organ donation can be considered. It controls breathing, blood pressure, sleep cycles, consciousness and other body functions.

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