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This volume is an unabridged edition of Dogma and Preaching, a work that appeared in a much-reduced form in English, in 1985. Church's faith and speak in their own name, offering perhaps unwittingly merely their own, subjective ideas, rather than the Word of God. Every year is a good year to be politically informed, but 2016 is one particularly in need of enlightened citizens.
Luckily, we've still over half a year until the general election: plenty of time to absorb more knowledge on the political issues of our time.
While these books might not be the most obvious choices -- for those, pick up Hillary's Hard Choices or Trump's Art of the Deal -- all of them shed light unto the complexity and evolution of politics past and present to inform those of the future. According to Dionne, the Tea Party and the right-wing rebellion we are witnessing during this election wasn't initially directed against President Obama; rather, it began as a rebellion against George Bush, as many in the end were not enthusiastic about the Iraq war.
As for Donald Trump, Dionne attests that Donald Trump's popularity "reflects the radicalism that the leadership of the party promoted and didn't expect to get out of hand this way." Why the Right Went Wrong is an essential read for those looking to understand how the conservative movement has become what it is today. Gates' book, A Passion for Leadership: Lessons on Change and Reform from Fifty Years of Public Service, provides instruction on what smart and committed leadership should look like across the private and public sector.
From A Passion for Leaderships, readers may learn more about what it takes to be not just a leader, but an effective one that can bring about positive change. With political topics like terrorist attacks and mass surveillance bubbling up constantly in debates, everyone has an opinion on the limits and limitlessness of national security. Readers will be immersed in the depth and complexity of American intelligence in Playing to the Edge.
The growth and audacity dark money, Mayer says, likely lead to the rise of Bernie Sanders and a Democratic push to limit campaign financing, which allows anonymous wealthy donors to dictate policy. Fox political correspondent and author Juan Williams, who I spoke with on Yahoo News Live on April 12th, recently published We the People: The Modern-Day Figures Who Have Reshaped and Affirmed the Founding Fathers' Vision of America. While men like Alexander Hamilton may have found the ideas of women in power and same-sex marriage abhorrent, they would be equally disdainful of America's enormous national army, mass surveillance, and demagoguery a la Donald Trump, Williams argues.
Though not directly related to today's candidates, We the People digs into the conversations that cycle in and out for generations of politics.
An apolitical book with political undertones, Love That Boy: What Two Presidents, Eight Road Trips, and My Son Taught Me About a Parent's Expectations comes from veteran political author Ron Fournier. Tyler's enthusiasm for presidential history led to a Presidential Library tour and introduction to two presidents, George W. Fournier admits on Yahoo News Live that he believes that his son could run "intellectual circles" around Donald Trump.
The books explain that the church long has been a formal presence in international development and that individuals rooted in Catholic tradition, prayer and Catholic social teaching can change the world. But fair warning: Readers might feel inspired and uncomfortably challenged while reading these books, for answering the call of Catholic social teaching, the books point out, is not an easy task. Without being wordy or dense, Hudock clearly marries the historical background of Catholic social teaching to its practical application into society.
Ziolkowski could make an appearance in Hudock’s book as an example of living out Catholic social teaching.
So he quit his finance job and created buildOn, a nonprofit foundation that links at-risk American high-schoolers with service projects to help build community leadership at home and build schools abroad.
In an effort to be balanced and thorough in his assessment of the church’s involvement in Africa, Asia and Latin America, Calderisi, an economist with 30 years of experience in international development, takes an in-depth approach at tackling a broad range of topics.
He concludes that the church’s work in education and health has been life-saving for the poor, particularly women.
As these three books each address in their own way, it is up to individual Catholics to carry out social teaching.
And so the uncomfortable question lingers: Will the reader honor the call to work toward human dignity and solidarity at home and abroad or will he or she fall victim to the sleeping sickness of the soul?

The Love Book is an iPad app full of thoughts on love from some of the world’s great writers and thinkers.
A Cautionary Tail is a new iPad storybook app based on an award-winning animated short film of the same name. A Cautionary Tail is a dark, funny fable about a girl born with a tail, that combines cinematic 3D animation, narration by David Wenham, delightful interactive features and an important message about self-acceptance. My 10 year old daughter and I read the storybook together yesterday evening, and both of us were very impressed with it. I have a 9 year old daughter and we’ve been enjoying storybook apps on the iPad for years now. As many iPad titles of this sort do, the app lets you choose between having the story read to you, reading it yourself, or recording your own voiceover for it. When Santa’s workshop at the North Pole falls victim to the effects of climate change, Claus and company need a hero: someone to help the village and save Christmas! Santa chooses an unlikely partner to help him out of the disastrous situation – Frank Duffy, Mover of the Impossible.
BiblioBoard is a new iPad app released this month that promises an awful lot and, for my money, delivers very little. BiblioBoard is a free App that gives you access to historical Anthologies that explore places, events, people and themes from across the centuries.
For the price of a single paperback, you get an entire curated universe of historical artifacts.
I’ve spent a good amount of time with the app over the last couple of days and I don’t think it lives up to its App Store description. Apparently this title is the second in a series featuring this bear, written and illustrated by Nick Bland. Go on an adventure with Bear as he tries to catch fish for dinner, and ends up finding new friends! Read aloud and record your own audio, or choose to have the book read to you by Australian actor, Angus Sampson.
The lead character in the story is a lad called Nicholas Ickle and, as you may have guessed from the title, it’s all about his efforts to correct things that are going wrong or interrupting his tale. Nicholas doesn’t even quite manage to finish saying ‘This book is about’ before discovering an elephant smack in the middle of the page. Cinderella – Nosy Crow animated picture book is one of many iPad versions of the classic story of Cinderella.
As an election year with a lot seemingly at stake for both parties, debates, caucuses and primaries have torn through public consciousness like twisters through Kansas.
I've had the pleasure of interviewing a variety of authors and political figures on Yahoo News Live, many of whom have published highly relevant books that add unique insight to the 2016 election.
Dionne about his book Why the Right Went Wrong: Conservatism-From Goldwater to the Tea Party and Beyond.
Some say it's too large, too corrupt, too rich, too inefficient -- but Bob Gates, former Secretary of Defense, argues that with the right reform, big institutions can change to serve the people and regain trust. Having lead both the CIA and Department of Defense, Gates offers an inside look at how such institutions can be transformed. As for the current election, Hayden worries that the rise of candidates like Trump and Sanders' reflect the "primal scream" of voters, and will not translate into good policy.
The book details the rise of the Koch brothers and other millionaires and billionaires that heavily influence American politics.
Readers seeking to comprehend the invisible forces funding some of today's candidates can learn about how it works and why in Mayer's critically acclaimed book. The book takes a look at a new generation of American Founders, who honor the original Founders' vision even while leading political revolutions that have reshaped the nation.

Issues including immigration, trade, race, and income inequality all trace back to our Founders; Williams follows these important threads back to their origin in his book. In the book, he explores the relationship between him and his high-functioning autistic son, Tyler.
One must see the image of God in everyone: the oppressor and oppressed, those born and unborn. To illustrate his points, he addresses modern-day affronts to human rights in Vietnam and Syria, and highlights Cesar Chavez and Dorothy Day as true champions of solidarity and human dignity. He gives credit to the formal and traditional institutions of the church, including the very presence and global reach of the church that set up the framework for individual Catholics to do good work. Perfect for a day like, say, February the 14th – or any other day when you want to enjoy great writing about a subject that touches us all. It features not just great words on love, but also some excellent readings by well-known actors including Emma Watson, Helena Bonham Carter, Damian Lewis, and Tom Hiddleston. The story itself has a simple and pleasant enough theme about a dad who travels a lot and really just wants to get back home to his kids. It turns out Duffy has never moved people before or done much of anything to recommend him, other than appear on The Nice List every year since his birth.
My 9 year old daughter (Zoe) and I are always looking for more good storybook titles so we grabbed this one a few days ago. We have not read the previous title, ‘The Very Cranky Bear’, but this story is fine as a standalone book, so I don’t think we’re missing anything by diving right into this title. As the name suggests, it offers up an interesting fact for each day of the year – and every day a new fact page is unveiled in the app. The app’s interface is very basic and intuitive – it should be easy to navigate for even very young children. The fact is read out loud, stated in a way that’s easy to understand, and accompanied by an illustration.
And like tornadoes, candidates often leave more confusion and clarity in the wake of their movements.
Their conversations with the boy informed Fournier's own understanding of the compassionate side of our most recent presidents, which transcends party lines.
Upon returning from a backpacking trip in India, Thailand and Nepal, Ziolkowski could not shake the images of poverty that he saw. Students and villagers volunteer their time as dedicated stakeholders in the projects’ success. Ziolkowski writes like a good friend, sharing stories about his family, particularly his father, a strong force of faith in his life, and his young son, whose illness forced Ziolkowski to face true suffering. It is also a leading source of news for Catholic print and broadcast media throughout the world.
Although this book is aimed at a lower age group, the fact that it was illustrated entirely on an iPad was enough to get me interested in taking a look. Santa chooses him anyway and the race is on to get Santa and his elves and workshop and the whole operation in time to save Christmas. Each Anthology is a curated multimedia experience about a topic that generally includes 75+ pieces of unique historical content such as books, images, articles and historical documents, accompanied by expert commentary. I also think the In-App purchase options, which are the core content of this app, are hugely overpriced.

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