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I know the system interrupts topic is pretty common with varying solutions but I had a question about how to implement a solution in Windows 7 the way I did in Ubuntu 12.04. I need to have Windows 7 running for work though and I was wondering if there was a way to find the specific interrupt and disable it the same way I did in Ubuntu. I have a suspicion that the interrupts are caused by the dedicated NVidia 540M GPU since I had trouble getting it to work in Ubuntu and video crashes became more common around the time the issues first started. This doesn't answer your question, but it may render it moot: Have you re-installed windows and verified that the problem still exists?
I used to have the same issue, although my notebook (Asus K53SC) was about 20 months old when the problem arose.
I saw other users with an ASUS laptop and the ACPI.sys DPC issue is caused by CPU throttling to avoid overheating. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows cpu asus acpi interrupts or ask your own question.
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As long as you use MSI afterburner or a similar utility to manage the fan speed, you will not have a problem.
I had the same HDD Setup for my CM690 II, same 6 HDDs and it didn't have the airflow issue.
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Intel® Turbo Boost MonitorIntel® Turbo Boost Monitor is a user-friendly tool which allows you to monitor the CPU Turbo Boost frequency more conveniently! Completely removed the front bottom vent, floppy drive holder and bay covers and put in 2 140mm fans and again had a custom filter made for front. Another tip is to pull the pantyhose as tight as possible, this increases pore size and reduces flow losses. An extensive independent software vendor(ISV) testing and certification process verifies that our ThinkPad W530 can run some of the most demanding, graphics-intensive workstation applications.
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I've tried almost everything on the web and the issue persists and I imagine it's something hardware related. I'm asking more about disabling interrupts in Windows 7, I've accepted that the main problem is not solveable. Symptoms were the same: ACPI interrupts eating one CPU at 100%, the fan is constantly running at what sounds like maximum speed. Question though: Is it me or does the fan controller only increase the speed at the last 10% of movement if that makes sense. ASRock motherboards allow users to enjoy the better computing experience and reach a higher overclocking performance.
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Instead of a CPU from Intel’s Broadwell generation, you now get the modern Skylake architecture. The top model GT80S 6QF, which is also our review configuration, even gets two GTX 980 chips in an SLI configuration. With Lenovo Cloud Storage, you can easily and automatically back-up and synchronize data across the organization, plus data is encrypted on transfer for an extra level of security.Lenovo Solution Center provides access to a simplified dashboard that reflects total system health.
I've disassembled and cleaned my notebook and interrupts are gone both in Windows and Ubuntu. The reason: According to the manufacturer, there is currently no suitable 18-inch 4K panel. It doesnt quite have the vented area though, so I mounted the fan lower and drilled new air ventholes. Read on to find out whether the SLI configuration with two GTX 980 chips can justify the exorbitant price. The latter does not have the highest clocks, but a free multiplier in return, which improves overclocking.

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