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This is just a note to let you know we are aware of the Facebook connect issues that are on going. Effective immediately if you have an item for sale in the classifieds and are requesting payment via paypal as a gift you must change this. Sending and receiving paypal payments for classifieds transactions as a gift it removes any protection for the buyer or seller offered by paypal. First, a new user will have to wait two weeks before they will be able to start a classified ad. Please be aware that it takes a little time for the server to recognize and reset your permissions once you have met those two criteria. I carried my backpack last year and I really didn't have much gear in there, so it was a pain to carry and I didn't like it.. I have a canvas fanny pack with a couple of side pouches that I got online someplace for about $10.

Well when I realized my back pack was almost empty I thought I would fill a pack with just the right stuff..
I want something with the shoulder straps that can be removed if I rather use just the one strap. In searching for the very best headphones, I’m never able to find earbuds that produce good sound and stay in my ears, the latter being kind of an important requirement.
If you’re looking for the perfect headphones to be able to enjoy some new tech you found under your tree recently, here are some of my favorites. UrbanEars Republic Known for their fashion-forward colors and relatively affordable price for good sound quality, I’m a big fan of UrbanEars (above). SolRepublic Tracks HeadphonesWhen the guys from Monster went off on their own, we sat up and took note. Jeana Lee Tahnk is a prolific tech writer, crafty mom, and passionate fan of any products that make it easier to raise three children.

This will go for all users, if you have been a user for two years and have 10 posts, you will not be allowed to start a classified thread until your post count is at least 20.
She's been immersed in the high-tech world for about 15 years, or since Mark Zuckerberg was in the 7th grade.
I tightened it so much that I broke the buckle, and wound up giving it away for free here on AT.
I slide it around over my right hip to make room for my treestand, and it's a pretty comfy setup.

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