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Lacy is super sensitive to all woods so we use a little Carefresh bedding on the cage floor. While you're unavailable - during school or work time, or taking a snooze, or out munching pizza - they're busily grooming or playing little rat wrestling games. Pet rats are also smart critters which makes them prone to boredom and listlessness when isolated. Eager, spry and adventurous, female rats are a good pick if you want to try your hand at rat training. Their inquisitive and mischievous personalities can make them distractible though, so be ready to practice patience with their antics! Both males and females, young or old, are sure to satisfy with their affectionate kisses and clever play.
Do you know the extra nutritional requirements for pregnant rats and their growing rat pups? Do you have separate quarters to house your excitable males so your weary mom can enjoy a break from motherhood? As fun as it sounds to have a boy and a girl for an occasional little rat pup, owning a rat couple comes with many challenges and much responsibility. Consider looking further into the details about breeding rats if you plan to add such excitement to your life!
Unfortunately, pet rats are susceptible to an incurable rat disease called Mycoplasma Bacteria. If you want to play with your rats right away, choose friendly, confident, and inquisitive rats.
If you are tempted to take in a shy rat, be prepared to spend several months helping him gain confidence. We fondly called her "pancake girl" because in her pitiful fear she flattened like a skinny flapjack to any surface.
She still doesn't stray far when we let her out on the floor, but what she lacks in spunk, she makes up for in cuddles. If given a choice between a skittish 5-week-old baby or a docile older teenager, I'd have a hard time choosing. If a store doesn't raise its own rats, it can't have control over early care or interactions. Some pet stores raise their own rats but are obliged to offer them to snake owners as well. For rescued rats, it's amazing what a little TLC will do to brighten their eyes and perk up their spirits.
Once you have decided that rats are for you, you will need to buy all the necessary equipment like a cage, exercise accessories, food etc. This is the obvious place to look first, in my experience most pet stores have rats for sale.
Take time to assess its temperament too, a healthy rat that has been socialised will look lively, be friendly to handle and alert to its surroundings.

There is a large community of rat breeders, you can easily find the nearest breeder to you by searching online. When you go to pick up your rats take a good look around and make sure the breeder is operating a clean and ethical operation. You can find some interesting pets by browsing through private ads, for example on our rats for sale section on Pets4Homes. The good point here is that you can ask questions about the rats’ history and the owners will know everything about them for as long as they have owned them.
It’s very important that you check your rat carefully to make sure it is healthy when you buy it.
Your intuition can play a part here too, if something doesn’t feel right then pass up on it. Your rat is going to be your companion that you see and interact with on a daily basis for several years, so picking a rat displaying a good temperament will benefit you in the long run. Outside of the above you can choose a rat that suits your personality too, you might want a quiet one, while some people like very active rats.
If you are buying a baby rat then you will have a lot more involvement in shaping its character.
If you mix males and females in the same cage I probably don’t have to tell you that they will breed fairly quickly. This variety is selectively bred to remove or reduce symptoms for those with pesky allergies.
And since their skin is easily accessible, you can keep dander in check with a little bathing and moisturizing.
People with allergies have reported that they have no symptoms with the Rex rats, while rats with standard fur gave them irksome bumps and rashes. We also make simple hammocks out of polar fleece for the lofty spaces, and poke rags in assorted cubbies. An otherwise healthy rat can pine away when left alone, becoming depressed and vulnerable to getting sick.
Your rats will entertain themselves and still readily include you in their friendship when you give them their daily dose of attention. In the wild, little prey critters press their bodies to the ground so their shadows disappear. While her wild-eyed tendencies still lie under the surface, she now showers us with kisses and waddles over to greet us at the cage door when we come home. She's not at ease out in the open so training isn't fun for her, but there's much more to life than performing. And some of them are informed and do buy pet rats from responsible local families who carefully raise their critters. They look for health and sleek body shape, affectionate outgoing personality and specific breed and color markings. They will be yours at the perfect age, about five weeks old, and will have a strong sturdy start in life.

And many breeders require you to sign that you will give the babies back if you ever don't want them.
Some are more skilled at helping dogs and cats and somehow find themselves with an odd assortment of needy small animal pets.
You can print out a quick Rat Guide Checklist so the main points are handy when you're shopping. Then you are ready to find your rats, this is the part you need to take seriously and I will provide you with the information you need to help you find healthy, happy pets. Once you have found one you can ask what they have available now, or when their next litter will be.
Also, in many instances you can buy the cage and accessories needed to get you started from the owner. Rats only live between 2-3 years, it’s important you get off to a go start and give them the best life possible.
Every rat is different and will display different personality traits, spend as much time as you can with it before deciding if you will be buying it. You can spend a lot of time socialising it so it is friendly, or if you do not spend much time handling it as it grows up, it will be less social. This can be frustrating for owners sometimes if their rat has some bad habits, but this is what you are buying into with a grown rat.
It is not just as simple as turning up at your local pet store and buying whatever they have in. A social rat would be easier to make friends with, but I have a soft spot for the underdog. It's hard to go wrong with these resilient, fun-loving, affectionate and intelligent creatures. Rats require daily interaction with humans, feeding and having their cage cleaned out weekly. The store will most likely be buying from a large supplier, this means that the staff will not likely know much about the history of the rat.
So, whether you are choosing males, or females, make sure they have been housed separately. If you do this you may end up frustrated and not getting the enjoyment you should be from your pet. Rodents often enter buildings looking for shelter, particularly during late autumn and winter making their nests in wall cavities and roof voids. They are usually just looking to sell as quickly as possible, so you will need to check the rat carefully for any health problems.

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