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This carrier was initially designed for mobility scooters with the folding ramp and overall size but we’ve found it also works perfect for getting our lawn mower in for service or hauling yard debris and even just as extra cargo space on a long road trip!! Get the improvement you crave with the precision of perfect and proven geometry in our Ford & Chevy Truck Chassis.
We found a better way!  Our Frames are built using CNC Mandrel bent rectangular Tubing for more strength and lower cost!  These are the strongest frames on the market which is especially important on Fiberglass cars.  Our 1935 – 1941 Ford Truck Chassis are ready to fit your body! These Polished Stainless Steel Bars allow Coilovers and Bars to be mounted inboard or outboard of your Frame Rails.  4-Bar and “Z” Bar. This MII Stage II Hub-to-Hub Kit is designed for your vehicle whether it’s equipped with Power or Manual Steering.

At Fatman Fabrications we only manufacture and sell the best 1934 Chrysler Dropped Uprights for factory front suspension to the next level!
Mustang II Frame Stubs - Some cars have a frame that doesn’t allow a simple MII installation, yet are too narrow for a GM Subframe.
Put the best stopping power behind your foot with the 11” Wilwood Brake Kit Dynalite Pro Series for your Hub-to-Hub Kit sold by Fatman Fabrications. Get these brand new Mustang II Tie Rod Ends for your Mustang II Independent Front Suspensions. Be Careful, the pictures of Volkswagen Kafer are the property of their respective authors.

Are you building a nostalgic hot rod and cruising the Swap Meets and Internet for radius rods? Sometimes, young children in particular will accidentally kill mice or hamsters while trying to catch them because they’re so little.  Rats are heftier, which means that children will have an easier time holding them. Daly, David DeCaprio, Sante Gnerre, Manfred Grabherr, Manolis Kellis, Michael Kleber, Carolyne Bardeleben, Leo Goodstadt, Andreas Heger, Christophe Hitte, Lisa Kim, Klaus-Peter Koepfli, Heidi G.

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